Adding a little art to the gallery |

Adding a little art to the gallery

District Judge Tod Young stands in front of paintings donated by the East Fork Gallery to decorate his Department 1 courtroom.
Kurt Hildebrand

The seating areas in the county’s courtrooms are often referred to as the gallery, but both district courtrooms now bear a closer resemblance to an art gallery.

There are nine paintings hanging in the back of District Court Judge Tod Young’s courtroom done by members of East Fork Gallery. Displaying their art are Ray Freeman, Barbara Gustafson, Janice Powell, Amelie Reinshagen and Kay Boulter

“A courtroom is a place of anxiety for many people,” Young said. “The beauty of the paintings is intended to help make it a more comfortable setting for the public.”

Freeman hung the art. Young said he plans to purchase a plaque to explain the art is on loan from the artists. The art is not for sale from the courthouse, but someone interested in something from the artist could contact

Court proceedings are moving forward in Douglas County, though limits in in-person contact are being enforced.

Prosecutors are appearing via video screen and no more than 10 people at a time were allowed in the courtroom, but Douglas County District Court Judge Tom Gregory heard cases on Monday.

“I feel we need to have face-to-face appearances in criminal court, but we’re keeping those in the courtroom to less than 10 people,” Gregory said.

Gregory has installed two large scenic photos over the jury box in the Department II courtroom.

“One is a photo of Lake Tahoe and one is a photo of Lamoille Canyon, both Nevada locations that I love,” Gregory said of the photos that were a gift from his wife, Cynthea. “As my wife says, the courtroom still has some blank walls, so this is welcome start.”

East Fork Justice Court still is in the middle of a major remodel.