Acting Dean takes over at Douglas WNCC campus |

Acting Dean takes over at Douglas WNCC campus

by Merrie Leininger

With the absence of Western Nevada Community College, Douglas campus Dean Bus Scharmann, staff and students will have interim Assistant Dean Mike Hardie to go to with their problems.

Between his duties as mathematics department chair and teaching four math classes at both the Douglas campus and the Carson City campus, Hardie is responsible for staff, budget, scheduling and solving any problems that come up between now and June 30.

Scharmann is now in charge of the Fallon campus and extended programs and has an office out of the Fallon campus.

The school hopes to have a permanent assistant dean by the start of next fall semester, however, Hardie hopes that he will be selected for the permanent position.

“I have been in and out of administration,” Hardie said. “But I think this is a good match because I love to teach and I will be able to continue to teach.”

n Douglas campus. Although Hardie had been teaching for the community college system at the Carson City campus since 1981, he had just decided to transfer to the Douglas campus in order to have a full-time math professor on campus.

Hardie said he was happy with the change, which included a more pleasant drive to work from his home in South Lake Tahoe, a friendly staff and eager student body.

“The students are ambitious and technology-driven, which means they need a significant amount of math,” he said.

Hardie already had some acquaintance with the Valley while working with the now-defunct Carson Valley Theatre Co. between 1985-1990. He still acts in the Western Nevada Theater Co. productions, like the recent comedy, “Cactus Flower.” Hardie said while he likes his home in South Lake Tahoe, if he gets the permanent position, he will also get a home in the Carson Valley.

Hardie has two daughters,Virginia, 20, a psychology major at the University of Nevada at Reno, and Stephanie, 22, who graduated last year from UNR with a degree in finance.

He has also taught math at the University of Idaho and high schools in Idaho and Washington. He received his bachelor’s degree in mathematics from the University of Santa Clara in 1971. He has a master’s degree in mathematics from the University of Idaho in math and a doctorate in education leadership from UNR.

In October, he was approached about becoming the interim dean.

Although still committed to his teaching, Hardie said the double-duty is not difficult because Douglas campus staff is self-directed. He said the students received him well.

“They were happy (Scharmann) found someone like him, who is easy-going and has the same managerial style,” Hardie said.

n Future plans. Hardie has already had a hand in developing new and interesting classes for the Douglas campus. Starting in February, the director he worked with during the production “Cactus Flower,” Karen Chandler, will be teaching a speech class in which the students, at the end of the semester, will preform “Inherit the Wind.”

In addition, Hardie said, if he is selected as the permanent assistant dean, he would like to see the enrollment of the campus increase.

“I think the potential is there for the Douglas campus to have as many students as the Fallon campus,” Hardie said.

The Douglas campus has the equivalent of 185 full-time students while Fallon has the equivalent of 415 full-time students. Hardie also said he’d welcome the proposed technology center at the school and a four-year degree offered at the Douglas campus.