AAA says drowsy driving could be deadly |

AAA says drowsy driving could be deadly

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The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety wants to raise awareness among all drivers of the seriousness of this deadly and very common practice behind the wheel.

A new AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety study revealed that one of every six deadly crashes and one in eight crashes causing serious injury involved a drowsy driver. This issue is significantly higher than previous estimates, confirming the suspicions of researchers that the impact of drowsy driving on motor vehicle crashes, injuries, and deaths has been greatly underestimated.

“There’s an attitude of “do as I say, not as I do” when it comes to drowsy driving,” says Cynthia Harris, AAA Nevada spokesperson. “Drowsy Driving kills, and is the equivalent of driving drunk, drugged and distracted.”

According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety’s 2011 survey, nearly all drivers (96 percent) feel that drowsy driving is unacceptable behavior behind the wheel, yet almost a third (32 percent) admitted to driving when they were so tired that they had difficulty keeping their eyes open in the past month.

Statistics show that two out of every eight drivers (41 percent) admit to having fallen asleep at the wheel at some point, with one in ten saying that they had done so in the past years, even at high speeds. Younger drivers ages 16-24 were nearly twice as likely to be involved in a drowsy driving crash as drivers ages 40-59.

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