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A winter emergency kit could save your life

by Karen Brier

There’s snow on the mountains again and it’s time to think about winter preparedness.

Remember that winter emergency kit you took out to make room for coolers and shade tents? It’s time to haul it out of the garage, dust it off and make sure you have the essentials.

Snacks and water and a first aid kit should always be in the car. Remember, a flashlight is only good if you have batteries, too. A scraper, a small shovel, jumper cables and a set of road flares could literally save your life.

It’s easy to forget when the weather is sunny and warm at one in the afternoon that it could be below freezing when you head home after midnight. Keep a warm coat, gloves, boots and a blanket in the car, too.

Don’t forget to prepare your car. As the weather cools, the pressure in your tires is reduced. Make sure you have the right chains for your vehicle actually in the car. Stuck on the side of the road is a terrible time to realize they are still in your garage.

While you’re getting the tires checked out, go ahead and get your winter check-up.

Top off wiper fluids and anti-freeze. Make sure the important things are working: belts, hoses, lights, brakes, heater, defroster, wipers and most importantly your battery. Don’t let your tank drop below half full – you may need that fuel to run the heat if you get stuck. It’s also a good idea to program your radio for emergency messages and weather related traffic reports, such as WSDOT 530 and 1610 AM.

Worried about keeping your good stuff in the car? Go fishing for a car kit at the FISH. Quick show of hands: who knows about the FISH in Carson City? Everyone, right? Now keep your hand up if you also know about the FISH in Gardnerville? That’s right. There’s a FISH at 1231 Service Drive, just off Southgate. It’s a great store – very clean and organized and going there is a lot like a treasure hunt. I found a wonderful backpack for my emergency kit, a set of battery cables, a warm coat, hat and gloves and a beautiful blanket.

In the housewares section I found a gallon container for water and a food storage container that seals, for my stash of granola bars.

If you have questions about the store, give them a call at 783-1455.

The FISH has terrific weekend sales on clothes and other items. I found a designer jacket last week for $3 and found my favorite pair of pants and leather boots. Try the FISH before you buy new. You save money, help the environment and contribute to an organization that fed 20,000 people in 2012. They also provided clothes and household goods as well as 10,000 showers and 4000 loads of laundry. FISH – Friends in Service Helping – an important part of our community for 35 years.

For more information, check out: http://www.takewinterbystorm.org.

Reach Karen Brier at RuhenstrothRamblings@yahoo.com, or 790-0072.