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A peek at Douglas High’s future

A few parents and staff members got a sneak preview on Tuesday night of what Douglas High School might look like in 2015.

That’s the target date for moving freshmen back into the high school, which will require expansion of the cafeteria and kitchen.

Principal Marty Swisher said that the current cafeteria can only hold 300 students at a time. For the high school to be able to accommodate the freshmen class it will have to be expanded.

About two dozen people looked at potential configurations for the high school and voted on their favorite.

Architect Tim Haley said the final version will probably combine the best of the nearly half dozen different plans.

Plans will be presented to Douglas County School Board Trustees on Tuesday.

Haley of Stafford King Wiese, the architecture firm working with the school district to develop plans for the school, said the plans would go back before the school board on Nov. 29 for further refinement.

Work would be done on the plans during the summer of 2013, 2014 and 2015.

“We’ll be taking more input as we go along,” he said.

The funding for the construction comes from a continuation bond approved by voters in 2008.

The initial estimate for cost to the work on the high school is about $23 million.

With the bond, the district is about $8 million short, but that may be made up by the sale of Kingsbury Middle School.

Douglas County moved the ninth grade out of the high school and into the middle schools as part of the successful 1992 bond plan.

That bond built Pau-Wa-Lu Middle School, Pinon Hills and Minden elementary schools, as well as expanding the high school.

Douglas High hasn’t housed a freshmen class since Pau-Wa-Lu was completed in 1994.