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A century of life celebrated

Paul Harr celebrates his 100th birthday at the C.O.D. Casino Saturday evening in Minden.
Brad Coman |

Family and friends of Paul Harr caroled birthday wishes throughout the C.O.D. Casino Saturday in celebration of his 100th birthday. The celebration was organized and attended by his family including his children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and one of his great great granddaughters.

“Everyone sang happy birthday about 2 to 3 times,” said Harr. “Everyone did a wonderful job around here, it was a good time.”

He was happy for the parties hosted by C.O.D Casino and the Carson Valley Inn and enjoyed the times shared with his friends and family.

C.O.D Casino property manager,Duane Hayward said Harr is a unique character and pleasure to be around.

“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing him and speaking with him for awhile now,” said Hayward. “He is a one of a kind gentleman with a lot of history and experience and he is still going.”

Harr said within his 100 years he has seen a lot of modifications. As an example he described the difference between modern cell phones and the telephones he grew up with which were planted on the wall with a turn handle used to dial. He explained the developments of televisions too and how technology and other advancements has swept the world.

“There’s been too many things in the past 100 years that has progressed and changed that I wouldn’t even know where to begin,” said Harr.

Harr has been a Nevada resident since 1958, living in Las Vegas. He relocated to the Carson Valley in 1980 and built a home in Ruhenstroth where he has resided since.

“I have a lot of wonderful friends in this area,” he said. “This is one of the greatest places to live.”

He is a World War II Veteran and now regularly participates in activities at the Douglas County Community and Senior Center.

“It’s been an interesting life,” reflects Harr. “I have not done anything earth shaking, but I have had an interesting life.”