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A big loss for many

by Lynne Katusich

When I heard about the Scolari’s closing, it broke my heart. Over the years that I have lived here, so many of their employees have become like my family. I know many of you feel the same and will miss the store terribly.

Coleville sports

Congratulations to our football and volleyball teams. They had a very good year, with the boys just missing out on the state football championship. We’re proud of all of you.

Turkey boxes

The Mono County Service Unit for The Salvation Army is giving away Thanksgiving turkey boxes (boxes include a frozen uncooked turkey, canned goods and other things essential to a full Thanksgiving meal) to those in need. Those who asked for Thanksgiving turkey boxes (47 of them) have already applied and will be picking them up next Monday morning down at the Community Center in Walker. They also have Christmas turkey boxes that are available just before Christmas. To apply, call Janna Schroeder at (775) 720-5418, or jagschroeder@gmail.com.

Winter is coming

We’ve had such pleasant weather lately that it’s a little hard to believe winter is coming, but we can be sure it is, so plan ahead for when it arrives. The forecasts differ on whether it will be wet or dry, warm or cold, so I guess we’ve got to wait and see, since the experts don’t agree.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Enjoy family, friends and lots of good food.

Lynne Katusich can be reached at lynnekat@schat.net or (530) 495-2552.