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45 join 90-plus

by Caryn Haller

It wasn’t very long ago when Margaret Olesen thought her 85-year-old mother was old. The Gardnerville resident had a change of heart Wednesday when she herself was inducted into the 90-Plus Club at the Douglas County Senior Center.

“I don’t feel 90. I feel about 80 which is old enough,” she said. “My mom was 85 and my dad was 79. I thought my mom was old.”

Olesen joined 44 other new members at this year’s birthday party, and became part of a club that boasts 195 members. The annual party began in 1997 with 16 founding members.

“It’s amazing and the people are amazing. They are together and with it and vibrant people,” said Amanda Reid, senior center activities director. “It’s an honor to celebrate anyone who’s reached the amazing milestone of 90-plus.”

The Ogles, Harriet, 91, and Ted, 93, celebrated not only being 90-plus, but growing old together as well.

The couple was married at 10 p.m. March 8, 1943, in Newton, Kan. by the Justice of the Peace.

“We got him out of bed. He said wartime kept him busy with all the soldiers wanting to get married. His wife was our witness,” Harriet said. “It’s nice to have a partner to lean on, do things with and share everything together.”

As for being a part of the 90-Plus Club, Ted said he feels lucky.

“I’ve had the goal of making it to 100, but I’m wondering why now,” he said with a smile. “I feel I’m pretty lucky.”

The former servicemen, farmers, mail carriers, musicians and a hairdresser to the stars were honored with a rose and a certificate.

Douglas County Commission Chairman Lee Bonner served as emcee of the festivities acknowledging 69 members and telling a little about each one.

“This is absolutely fantastic. I look forward to this birthday party every year,” he said. “It recognizes the heritage they’ve left. What they’ve accomplished in our country is amazing. It’s good we can say thank you.”

Barbara Hansen, 93, said she always tries to take life one day at a time.

“I didn’t expect to be here that long,” she said. “Now that I am I’m living one day to the next.”

Marny Frost, who will turn 94 on April 8, celebrated with her son Robert.

“I’m expecting more. I hope so,” Marny said. “I want to be here a little longer to make new friends.”

For James Peddicord, 93, the best thing about being 90-plus is, “you get more attention.”