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3rd grade teacher selected teacher of year

Holly Atchison

Enthusiastic. One word describes 3rd grade teacher Bud Perkins. Now he has something wonderful to be enthusiastic about.

On May 28, Perkins was named Douglas County’s Teacher of the Year.

The award was presented to the Scarselli Elementary teacher by the Douglas County Education Foundation.

“It was really wonderful and really a surprise. Among all the wonderful teachers in Douglas County, it is an honor to be picked,” Perkins said.

As he spoke about his newly found fame and the job he loves, a huge smile never left his face.

“I think it would be hard to have a job that you didn’t like. I look forward to going to school everyday,” Perkins said.

Teachers from every school nominate other teachers for this award. This factor also meant a great deal to Perkins.

“It means more that I was nominated by my peers, other teachers, and to be picked by them is wonderful.”

SES Principal Betsy Palmer was excited and thrilled when Perkins won.

“He is so deserving. He is truly a gentleman and a scholar. Everybody here is so happy for him,” Palmer said.

“Bud goes above and beyond what is expected of him. He will do anything for you. He’s always asking what he can do for us. He’s not only there for his students but for the whole school,” Palmer continued.

Bud Perkins has been teaching for 21 years. His first job was with at a small school called Ruby Valley in Elko. He moved to Douglas County in 1978 and has been teaching here ever since. He has taught at Carson Valley Middle School, C.C. Meneley Elementary School, and has been at Scarselli Elementary School since it opened in 1987.

“The benefit of being in a small town community is that you get to see your students grow even after they’re not your students. I try to attend their events, and recitals and sporting events,” Perkins said.

Palmer agrees. “He keeps up with students by following their lives. He becomes a part of all of his students lives, not just the ones he has at the time. He gives an interest in their educational welfare throughout their lives.”

In these years, Perkins has taught every grade from 2nd to 8th. He enjoys all ages but says that 3rd grade is a fun experience because the kids are so enthusiastic.

Perkins attributes his desire to be a teacher to his parents.

“My parents were dedicated to their children getting an education. It was always stressed in our home. They knew the value of an education.”

Perkins has two sisters who are also teachers.

His interest peaked when he worked at high schools during college. He enjoyed the student teacher experience and decided to follow this path for his career.

Perkins wants to give his students an education that is both fun and memorable.

“I try to do things that make learning fun: joke, dance, rap. I try to read to them everyday using different voices. These things make it more memorable,” Perkins said.

“I hope I give them a love of learning. Also, I think something that has come to be more important is providing a positive male role model to kids that don’t have that at home.”

“Douglas County is lucky to have Bud as a teacher here, he is just a great, great guy,” Palmer said.

The future isn’t crystal clear for Perkins but he says he intends to teach for at least a full 30 years.

“I belong in the classroom. Teaching is what I do.”

The other nominees for the award were Linda Class, C.C. Meneley; Meredith Swanson-Jessup, Gardnerville Elementary School; Keri Huddleston, Jacks Valley Elementary School; Sharon Chappell, Minden Elementary School; Paige Feeney, Pinon Hills Elementary School; Charna Silver, Zephyr Cove Elementary School; Teresa Masterson, Carson Valley Middle School; Patty Fore, Kingsbury Middle School; Miki Trujillo, Pau-Wa-Lu Middle School; Wayne Moore, Douglas High School; and John Houghton, George Whittell High School.