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30 apply for Genoa Town Manager

by Jo Rafferty

Thirty people applied for the job as Genoa town manager including a former Douglas County commissioner and a Genoa board member who resigned.

Douglas County Human Resources is handling the first interviews of applicants for town manager, according to Douglas County Human Resources Manager Sheila Dugan.

Among the applicants are former county commissioner Stephen Weissinger and town board trustee Michael Saffran, who resigned his position to avoid a conflict.

A replacement is being sought for the trustee position as well.

“The (Genoa Town) Board has authorized me to coordinate the screening and initial interviewing process,” said Dugan, who is putting a panel together to help her with the interviews to be conducted on April 19-20.

“At that point the panel will decide on the final candidates,” she said.

The panel must condense the list to a minimum of three applicants and the Genoa Town Board will make the final determination on who the town manager will be.

“The date is not set for the final interviews with the board,” said Dugan.

The current town manager Paul William’s term will end on April 22.

The Douglas County position pays between $36,000-$49,000 a year.

The town manager’s responsibilities include, among others, representing and promoting the town of Genoa and its events at meetings and through the media; reviewing and revising the policies and procedures manual annually in conjunction with the Town Advisory Board; overseeing all office functions; managing the renting and leasing of Genoa town property; and preparing and maintaining the town’s budget.

Minimum requirements are an associate’s degree or equivalent from a two-year college or technical school with five years related experience and/or training, three years of which included supervisory experience.

For a complete description, visit the Web site at DouglasCountyHR.com.

Saffran, 52, resigned his position as a town board trustee after applying for the town manager position.

“I didn’t resign out of any bad feelings, I resigned because it’s the right thing to do. I think it’s a conflict of interest,” he said.

Saffran came to Genoa five years ago and about a month later joined the board after he saw it had a position open.

“I’d never done anything like this before,” he said.

As of March 25, Saffran’s non-paid position on the board was opened to residents of Genoa who may be interested in it.

“It’s a good opportunity,” said Saffran. “I think anyone who lives here should put in their time for awhile.

“It’s really exciting here. People speak up and let you know how they feel. I learned a lot, not only about town government, but about people.”

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Applicants for Genoa town manager

Donald Batchelder

Stephen Bonnell

Gerald “Mike” Brown

Gary Cappa

Kenneth Damask

James Davis

Gregory Donewar

Jane Douglas

Stephen Edmundson

Elaine Flynn

Peter Hansell

Richard James

Wendy Jepson

Cheryl Kelley

Timothy Kilgore

Andrew MacKay

Christopher Macek

Keith Norberg

Jeffrey Richter

Woods Robinson

Michael Saffran

William Smits

Dale Suder

William “Brandon” Thienes

Flora Todt

John Van Etten

Richard Weaver

Stephen Weissinger

Patrick Wilson

Brenda Yenkole