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180 turn out for Remarkable Women

The winners are:

Jackie Paris for veteran

Karen Lamb for mentor-teacher

Jessica Radke for mother

Meredith Fischer for young professional

Hollie Harvey was a woman to watch

Pamela Litka received the award for community involvement

Veterinarian Dawn Gleason received the business-entrepreneurship award

It was a full house on Tuesday as The Record-Courier, Carson Valley Medical Center and Coldwell Banker recognized Carson Valley’s Most Remarkable Women.

Hosted by the Carson Valley Inn, all 70 nominees received certificates from the sponsors and from U.S. Sen. Catherine Cortez-Masto.

Renea Louie served as MC for the event, and handed out awards along with Record-Courier Associate Publisher Tara Addeo and Coldwell Banker’s Shele Pandl, who was celebrating her birthday on Tuesday.

Addeo said she asked Louie to help host the event because she couldn’t think of a more remarkable woman for the task.

“She’s known as a shaker and a mover,” Addeo said. “If she’s moving then her friends are moving with her, or guess what you’re not going to be able to keep up with her.”

Seven nominees received trophies at the second annual luncheon that brought women from a variety of walks of life together.

“At last year’s Remarkable Women, there was one person I’d known for years and I didn’t know she did what she did until she was nominated,” Louie said. “I read that nomination and I was in tears. I learned something about her. ow until somebody else shares.”

Nominations were made by residents of Carson Valley and the winners were selected by a panel of judges.

“It’s so hard,” Louie said. “I just want everyone to win.”

Louie encouraged the women to use the opportunity to network.

Record-Courier Publisher Rob Galloway opened the event with a story about his grandmother.