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155 respond to pool district survey

by Merrie Leininger

East Fork Swimming Pool District members dove into their meeting Wednesday morning with a report on the survey of residents.

The survey was a part of the pool’s newsletter, “Splash,” which is mailed to residents of the pool district.

About 155 people responded to the survey, which included such issues as disability service, cost, staff and hours.

Minden and Gardnerville residents accounted for 92 of the responses. Six were from Genoa, three from Topaz and Topaz Ranch Estates, two from Ruhenstroth, 12 from Indian Hills/Jacks Valley, two from Foothill, 12 from Johnson Lane, 16 from the Ranchos; six from Fish Spring/East Valley, and four from Carson, Kingsbury and California.

According to volunteer Van Brenner, who compiled the results, people in general who used the pool were happy with the facilities, but wished it was open longer and that they did not have to pay so much tax to keep it open.

The youth surveys showed most Carson Valley children who know how to swim, learned at the swim center.

Brenner said the most negative comments were about the staff.

He listed some of the about 10 complaints in the review: “Staff could be more pleasant and friendlier instead of uncaring and preoccupied;” and “The guards are not consistent. Each has their own set of rules.”

Brenner said while the lifeguards are generally young, the amount of responsibility on them might account for their impolite behavior.

“These aren’t kids who are working at McDonald’s and worried about burning the fries,” he said. “They are lifeguards and worried about kids in the water. Those comments are probably based on one bad experience, too.”‘

The board discussed more staff supervision in order to impress upon them a more professional attitude.

In contrast to the negative comments, 11 people said they loved the center and that it was wonderful for the community.

Chairman of the board Suzanne Stockdale said the surveys will be used to improve areas the community doesn’t like and enhance programs they do.

“There will be changes made to enhance the programs everyone loves like the Friday night free swim and the swim lessons – improve the quality of instruction we give our teachers,” she said.

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