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150 most influential Douglas County residents

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Each November, the Carson Valley Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Authority hosts a gala dinner honoring outstanding members of the community. Typically, a volunteer of the year, business of the year, citizen of the year and others are the award recipients. This year, in recognition of the 150th anniversary of the creation of Douglas County, the chamber gala is all about 150.

At the Nov. 12 event, held at the Genoa Lakes Golf Club, guests will see a list of the 150 most influential people in Douglas County history. Later in the evening, the top 10 most influential people out of that list will be announced for the first time. As guests arrive, they’ll receive a ballot to choose their version of the top 10 and the guest who does the best job of matching the committee’s choices will be suitably rewarded.

Also at the dinner, the 15 most important events in Douglas County history will be announced. Each of those events will represent one decade in county history, with one choice from 1861 to 1870, one from 1871 to 1880 and so on. All in all, it’s a look back at the 150-year history of the county.

Tickets for this once every 50 years event and more detailed information can be found at http://www.carsonvalleynv.org or by calling the chamber office at 782-8144.

Tickets are $100 and tables of 10 are available as well.

John Q. & Rufus Adams

Andy Aldax

John Ascuaga

Ed Atencio

Ted Bacon

Dr. Franklin Baker

David Barber

Wanda Batchelor

‘Sharkey’ Begovich

Don Bently

Louis Bergevin

F. Gregory Betts

Aldo Biaggi

Gerry Bing

D.W. Bliss

Richard Brockliss

George & Charlie Brown

H.P. Burnham

George Byers

Dal Byington

Ansel Casentini

Ellsworth Chappell

Rhoda Chichester

Patty Clark

Dr. Eliza Cook

Frieda Cordes Godecke

Keith Cornforth

Father John Corona

John Cradlebaugh

Henry Crippen

Charles Daggett

John Dangberg

Clarence Oliver Dangberg

Grace Dangberg

H.F. Dangberg Jr.

H.F. Dangberg Sr.

Harold Dayton

Jack Dayton

Susie Dick

Fred Dressler

Sen. William Dressler

Dar Ellis

John Etchemendy

Leander Socrates Ezell

Isaac Farwell

Paul Felten

George Washington Gale

Ferris Jr.

Lillian Virgin Finnegan

Milton & Ethel Fleischer

John & Mary Gardner

Lawrence Gilman

Roy Godecke

Harvey Gross

Robert Hadfield

J.W. Haines

Ernest Hand

Bill Harrah

Anna & Mose Harris

E.H. Hawkins

Don & Marlena Hellwinkel

Dan Hellwinkel

Fred Brick Hellwinkel

Carsten Henningsen

Lynn Hettrick

Joyce Hollister

Lew Hymers

Sen. Lawrence & Betty


Theresa Jackson

Arendt Jensen

Mathias Jepsen

Moses Job

Mimi Jobe

Al ‘Jackpot’ Johnson

Elizabeth Johnson

Stella and Knox Johnson

David Jones

Max Jones

Beatrice Jones

Hugh Killebrew

Pat Kimmerling

Stephen Kinsey

Ken Kjer

Abraham Klauber

Brian Krolicki

William Lampe

Julian Larrouy

Jim & Gerry Lawrence

Dat-so-lah Lee

Emil Leising

Jean Lekumberry

Glenn Logan

Leonard Ludel

Duane ‘Scotchy’ Mack

Noel Manoukian

Jerry Maple

Joann Martinez

Wynne Maule

Howard McKibben

Bill Mendes

C.C. Meneley

Hans Meyer-Kassel

Jimmy Miller

Hiram Mott

Cerisa Mott Fettic

Israel and Eliza Mott Taylor

Jeane & Patrick Mulreany

Pastor Pete Nelson

Cherie Owen

Ben Palmer

Brooks Park

Wallace Park

William Park

Dr. John Pasek

Frieda Pitts

Walt Powers

A.C. Pratt

Bob Pruett

Spec Rahbeck

T.B. Rickey

Jake Rodenbaugh

Hank & Jane Rosenbrock

Gene Scarselli

Melvin Schwake

Bert Selkirk

Arnold Settelmeyer

Frank Settelmeyer

Fred Settelmeyer

Grace Settelmeyer

Raymond Smith

Clara Smokey

Herman Springmeyer

Marjorie Johnson Springmeyer

Papa Starke

Frederick William Stodieck

Garry Stone

Roy Storke

Jim Stratton

Snowshoe Thompson

Bill & Marsha Tomerlin

David Towell

Henry Van Sickle

Daniel Webster Virgin

Mary Raycraft Virgin

Henry Walker

David & Harriet Walley

William Wennhold

George Whittell

Harold Wyatt

Frank Yparraguirre


Adams Family

Bernard Family

Bliss Family

Borda Family

Brockliss Family

Byington-Galeppi Family

Chichester Family

Dangberg Family

Dressler Family

Etchemendy Family

Falcke Family

Felton Family

Ferris Family

Goedecke Family

Hawkins Family

Heise Family

Henningsen Family

Hickey Family

Hussman Family

Jacobsen Family

James Family

Jepson Family

Johnson Family

Kimmerling Family

Kizer Family

Mack Family

Mott Family

Neddenriep Family

Park Family


Raycraft Family

Scossa Family

Schwake Family

Settelmeyer Family

Smokey Family

Springmeyer Family

Stodieck Family

Thran Family

Trimmer Family

Virgin Family

Wennhold Family

Wyatt Family