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$15 shoplifting trip earns weekend in jail

Staff Reports

A 22-year-old Dayton woman was released Monday from Douglas County Jail where she spent the weekend following a petty larceny arrest for stealing items worth $15.29 from Walmart on Topsy Lane.

Ashley Travis told East Fork Judge Tom Perkins she took baby oil, nylons and fingernail polish. The items were recovered.

She was arrested Friday night after she was observed hiding items in her purse.

Travis said she was homeless, but her family lived in Dayton.

Perkins suggested she go back and live with her relatives.

■ A California man was cited Saturday for fishing without a license.

Deputies were working the U.S. Forest Service detail at Leviathan Mine Road when they observed Sandy Jay Stedman casting a fishing line into the Carson River north of Bryant Creek.

He admitted he had no license and was given a citation.

■ A man moving from Gardnerville to Arizona caused extensive damage to recently installed sod at Sierra View Dental office when he tried to drive a fully loaded 26-foot box van with a full car trailer over the lawn.

Deputies arrived at the site shortly before midnight on July 10 to find Vincent King sitting on the hillside in the van with the rear of the vehicle dug into the ground.

He told officers he was moving to Apache Junction, Ariz., and parked at the dental center to get a can of tobacco from 7-Eleven across the street.

Rather than back the rig out when he discovered there was no outlet at the dental office, he tried to drive the truck over the grass and embankment.

He caused deep gouges in the sod and holes where the tires were stuck.

Officers said there was damage on the east side of the driveway in the grass where King initially took the turn too wide and caused ruts in the grass. He also caused additional ruts when he unloaded the car he was towing from the trailer to move the truck with a lighter load.

The officer noted that King should have realized a fully loaded, 25,500-pound truck over lawn is going to cause damage. He said there was further damage when the tow truck arrived to pull him out.

King was ordered to appear in East Fork Justice Court in August to answer a citation for property damage. He told the officer he wanted to pay for the damage prior to his court appearance.

He was to meet with the owners to determine the damage.

■ An unidentified man walked out of Famous Footwear wearing a pair of $75 Nikes he didn’t pay for, and challenged a manager to call deputies.

The incident took place on Saturday at 5:40 p.m.

The manager said a Hispanic man wearing a plaid shirt and blue jeans tried on the shoes and walked out without paying.

The manager said he tried to stop the thief who responded with an obscenity and told the employee to go ahead and call deputies.

By the time officers arrived, the suspect has disappeared.