13-year-old takes mom’s van to Alpine, takes another, wrecks it | RecordCourier.com

13-year-old takes mom’s van to Alpine, takes another, wrecks it

A 13-year-old Indian Hills boy was taken into custody in California on Monday after he was involved in a traffic accident in Meyers in a stolen vehicle.

The boy’s mother reported at 2:20 p.m. that her son had taken her Dodge Caravan and run away. She said the boy was being punished for a previous infraction by being required to do the family laundry.

Deputies heard from the California Highway Patrol at about 5 p.m. that the boy had been involved in a traffic accident at the intersection of highways 50 and 89. By that time the boy was driving a different vehicle, allegedly taken in Alpine County.

The Caravan was located an hour later on Airport Road in Alpine County and impounded.

Neighbors in Johnson Lane reported hearing what sounded like a dozen shots in the neighborhood just after midnight on Sunday.

Responding deputies reported finding a firecracker box that was still warm in the middle of the intersection at Jones and Wade streets.

A Gardnerville resident reported that someone pulled all of his brass solar lights out of his front yard and broke them on the street sometime during the evening of Jan. 9.

Other neighbors along Longfellow Lane reported someone pulled up plants and removed yard signs.

A Jacks Valley resident reported that someone appeared to have broken into his home while he was away on Friday.

The homeowner said his dog was acting strangely and growling at the front door of the home, located in the 800 block of Jacks Valley Road. The door frame next to the handle was indented and there was a black scuff mark above the handle. Nothing was reported taken from the home.