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11-year-old boy hurt in motorcycle accident

Andy Bourelle

Two boys, estimated to be in their teens, were racing motor vehicles on a dirt trail Thanksgiving day and collided with an 11-year-old boy on his motorcycle, according to the victim’s mother.

Shawn Lochridge, a 6th grader at Pinon Hills Elementary School and resident of the Johnson Lane area, received a broken left arm, two broken fingers on his left hand, a fractured right wrist and abrasions on his legs. Yesterday, Shawn had to return to the doctor’s to have his fingers reset.

If they won’t heal properly that way, Raelene said, he may have to get pins put in his fingers.

His parents would like to know who the boys were and are offering $100 for information which would lead to their discovery.

“My main concern is just finding out who they are,” said Raelene Lochridge, Shawn’s mother, “and if they are under age, let their parents know. I have a feeling these kids haven’t told their parents, unless they live on their own.”

Raelene said Shawn and some friends were out riding their motorcycles on trails in the Johnson Lane area, when the two unknown boys, one on a motorcycle and one on a quad (a four-wheeled vehicle), were racing down both lanes of a dirt road.

Before either group – Shawn and the two boys – had time to react, they crashed, Raelene said. The front of Shawn’s motorcycle was totaled, and the two boys stopped briefly. Neither Shawn nor his friends recognized the two older boys.

Raelene said her husband Bob went out to help Shawn and saw the boys briefly, but was too concerned with helping his son at the time to get a close look at them. The boy on the motorcycle apologized before the two left. The rear left wheel of the quad was broken.

“I think they (the two boys) had to know (Shawn was hurt),” Raelene said, “because he couldn’t get up.”

Raelene said she has talked to several neighbors, but so far no one knows anything about what happened. Many neighborhood residents were out of town for Thanksgiving.

Shawn is careful and safe when he rides, wearing a helmet and all the proper gear, Raelene said. She does not want to keep people from riding in the area, just keep them riding safely.

“I don’t want to see the kids not have a place to ride,” she said, “but I don’t want to see anybody end up dead. I want the kids to go out and be safe.”

About three-fourths of the people riding in the area are safe, Raelene said.

Shawn returned to school Monday, but Raelene didn’t know if he would be able to write. Shawn’s been handling the accident well, Raelene said, but is disappointed that he could be hurt like that while being safe.

“His big disappointment is ‘how can they hit him like that and not really help him?'” Raelene said.

The family is not sure whether it will pursu legal action if and when the identity of the two people are discovered.

“We’re not ‘sue-happy’ or anything like that,” she said. “That’s not how we are. We just want to know who it was.”

Those with information can contact the Lochridge’s at 267-5436.

Lt. Ross Chichester from the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, said sheriff’s deputies were not called to the scene, but went to the hospital to talk to the Lochridges. He said the sheriff’s office was trying to find out who the other boys were but was not investigating it like a normal traffic accident. Accidents on dirt trails are not subject to the same laws as traffic accidents on public roads.