Living in the now |

Living in the now

A new year is a larger reminder of the choice we have each day to begin anew. Much like the optimism we bring to the new year, we can look back at the previous one taking stock in the events that have now come to pass. We open our hearts to the belief that next year will bring some relief or balance to the struggles we encountered from the year passed.

We have the choice to enter into each day with this mindset. When we awake from our sleep we are rejuvenated to begin the day. We eat for sustenance, communicate for purpose and go about our daily needs until we once again enter into slumber. Sleep and the dream world are such fascinating aspects of life. The theories around dreams range from astral travel, to downloading extra data and stimulus gathered the day before, with a plethora of concepts in between. Regardless of the belief, sleep is a state of healing, cleansing and deep relaxation to take care of the body we use each and every day. It is self care. Our body innately knows to take a break at least once in a twenty-four hour period. It is suggesting that we are only meant to experience one day at a time before recharging and preparing for the next. Like a reset button. This couples well with the concept of living in the present moment.

What if we make life too complicated by the constant time travel we do from dwelling on the past and worrying about the future? What if we are really here to keep things as simple as possible? To smile more, laugh more and ruminate less are usually experiences that happen in the present moment.

This new year, practice living only in the day; living one moment at a time. Embracing the abundance when it comes without worry of how long it will stay. Feel the sadness while it visits without ushering it out the door in haste. If you really think about it, last year was perfect evidence of emotions coming and going, over and over again. Why not begin anew each day with an open mind and open heart for what is to come? You already know you will be sad, happy, scared, anxious and surprised at some point this coming year. Why resist any of it? Say “yes” to it all.

Bridgette DeBoer M.A., is a licensed alcohol and drug counselor, marriage and family therapist. She can be reached at 450-6632.