Literature classes coming to WNCC Douglas |

Literature classes coming to WNCC Douglas

Staff reports

It’s August how are you doing on that summer reading list? If you need inspiration or are so inspired that you want to keep reading, Western Nevada Community College, Douglas offers fall courses which may appeal to your literary interests: World Literature I and Women in Literature: Chicana Literature.

English 231, World Literature 1, will study the great literary works of the ages from Gilgamesh to Shakespeare. Although the readings won’t be as steamy as the latest romance novel, they might come close, according to WNCC Professor Dr. Shelly Trusty-Murphy.

“Sex and violence is not a new thing in literature; it has always been there. Human beings have always been drawn to the drama and passion of life, and they have written about it in great detail,” she said.

“Sometimes these texts aren’t as easy to understand as a popular novel, but that is because they come from a different historical period or a different culture. That’s why it is interesting to study these texts within the context of a class – you get the benefit of hearing the context and the opportunity to discuss those works with others,” Trusty-Murphy added.

English 231, a three-credit, university transfer class, will be offered from 7:15 to 10 p.m. on Wednesdays.

If contemporary novels are more to your taste, warm your spirits with the works of Mexican American women in English 267, Women in Literature: Chicana Literature. The course will focus on such popular works as Laura Esquivel’s “Like Water for Chocolate,” Ana Castillo’s “So Far From God” and Sandra Cisnero’s collection of short stories, “Woman Hollering Creek.”

“I have been wanting to teach this course for a long time,” Trusty-Murphy said. “My doctorate is in ethnic American literatures, and the subject of Chicana writers is very dear to my heart.”

Trusty-Murphy said the course will focus on the context of the literature as well as the content.

“You can’t talk about this literature without considering the culture that surrounds it. This literature gives us all an opportunity to look more deeply at the power and beauty of Mexican American women, and in the variety that exits within that culture,” she said.

English 267, also a three-credit, university transfer class, will be offered from 7:15 to 10 p.m. on Mondays, and is also available in Smith Valley and Hawthorne over interactive video.

These courses also may be audited, which means the student can pay fees and participate in the course, but does not receive credit and is not obligated to do papers and projects related to the course. Special reduced rates are available to students who are age 62 or older.

WNCC fall classes begin Monday, Aug. 30. Registration continues through the start of classes. Contact WNCC Douglas at 782-2413 for more information.