Library benefits from Big Give |

Library benefits from Big Give

Diane Rogers

Maggie Rusmisel/Special to the R-C

Between midnight and 12:59 p.m. on Thursday, April 25, you can support the Douglas County Public Library from the comfort of your favorite laptop or desktop computer.

By making a tax-deductible donation to the nonprofit library, you’ll join thousands of Nevada residents in the annual 24-hour online initiative known as the Big Give. In 2003 the Big Give raised more than $400,000 for charities statewide. This year Nevada is aiming for $1 million in contributions.

“We have donors who are ready to match contributions up to $7,000,” said library technician Maggie Rusmisel. “But we’ll be grateful for all donations.”

To make a donation to the library at any time on April 25, go to the library website ( and click on the link to “Nevada’s Big Give.”

The Douglas County Public Library, which recorded almost 200,000 visits last year, in recent years has remodeled its children’s section, circulation desk and Teen Center, and also has upgraded technology services to provide public access to online services. The Douglas County Public Library Foundation now is concentrating on two new projects that are not covered in the library’s annual operating budget: a completely remodeled Pine Nut Room and a new Technology Toolkit.

The shelving, paint, carpeting, improved lighting, ceiling tiles, and large viewing monitor that will be included in a redesigned, more spacious Pine Nut Room is estimated to cost $30,000. Purchasing mobile devices like iPad tablets for library staff to use in teaching the public about the library’s digital services is expected to run about $6,000.

“We’re hoping to open up floor space in the Pine Nut Room so that people could work together in there on online projects,” said Mary Wood, senior library technician. “And new portable devices would allow library staffers to help the public more directly.”

Friends of the library who would like to continue their donations throughout the year can look at the “wish list” on the library website ( by clicking on the “Wishes” gift box. There, they can contribute to the cost of two round tables at $840 each, or help the library purchase six chairs at $230 each. For those with time to share, there are opportunities to help pack boxes of books, or to work with library staff on Tech Tuesdays helping people set up the library’s downloadable audio books, digital magazines and eBooks on their portable devices.