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Letting it find you

Serendipity only happens by chance. It can not be manipulated or controlled. Only when we are living in the moment, free from mental chatter, do we stumble upon serendipity. In fact, acknowledging when you are experiencing this joy requires the presence to feel its subtle charisma. It’s that moment of grace, when you realize your day has turned out blissful without any planning or control of your own.

Our need for control runs deep. We attempt to control when we are in fear. Fear of something bad happening, fear of missing something or making a mistake or fear of being controlled our selves. There are many reasons we try to control. They all have roots in obtaining a sense of safety. The interesting part is, we really have very little control in our lives. We can not control other people, places or circumstances. We can not control the things that happen, or do not happen in our lives.

The only control we really have is over our perspective of the world around us and our response to what comes. We have power over our thoughts, which then lead to our feelings about what happens. This is where our time and effort is best spent. Not on trying to control what goes on outside, but rather the intimate inner workings of this amazing gift of life. Many scholars suggest the real challenge of life is to achieve mastery over our selves. Learning to ride the waves and have fun with them, rather than be in constant analysis and wonder of why this is happening takes careful mindfulness and companionship with self.

The next time you experience a serendipitous moment congratulate yourself for allowing this gift to find you. You let go. You got out of your own way. The intelligence of life all around us is much better at creating beauty and bliss than we are. Why not let this wisdom bless you with its wonder?

Bridgette DeBoer M.A., is a licensed alcohol and drug counselor, marriage and family therapist. She can be reached at 450-6632.