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Letters to the editor for Friday, May 26, 2017

Policies could do lasting damage


When the Board of County Commissioners was challenged at a recent meeting about allowing an outsider to craft policy decisions that will do lasting damage to the people of Douglas County, one commissioner rose to Werner’s defense by claiming that he is our county manager, period.

As you can see for yourself at http://douglascountynv.iqm2.com/Citizens/FileOpen.aspx?Type=1&ID=1544&Inline=True (item 13 of the BOCC minutes) Werner is an employee of BHC Consulting, which was retained by Douglas County to supply management services. Mr. Werner is serving on an interim basis; that is, only until a permanent county manager can be hired.

BHC’s contract may be terminated upon 30 days’ notice by either party, which makes Werner a month-to-month temp. Douglas County pays BHC $14,333 per month, with a $700 per month car allowance for Werner’s “services.”

Not only did Werner not go through a competitive hiring process that would be required of a real employee, I could find no evidence that the county entertained any competitive bids for his mighty expensive services.

It’s rather ironic that the improperly vetted Werner may have used the county’s own secretive selection process to promote his hand-picked candidate to become our Chief Financial Officer, perhaps deliberately excluding equally or better qualified applicants.

It’s outrageous that our BOCC, one Commissioner excepted, is cooperating with Werner’s efforts to build an entrenched deep state within our government that will work against the taxpayers long after he’s gone.

Lois Bock