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Letters to the editor April 25

ASPIRE moving memorial


ASPIRE Academy High School is proud of the community and school service its students do each year. ASPIRE students are required to select a personal service project that addresses a need at their school or in their community, to serve at least five hours toward their projects, and to share the results and impacts from their service. This is a cornerstone of our school and what we value.

Students and staff also engage in whole school service. Almost a decade ago, ASPIRE created the memorial for families and community members to remember individuals who were no longer with us due to accidents, illness, or the taking of their own lives. This memorial is located outside the Cultural Center by Carson Valley Middle School. The Cultural Center is in the process of expanding its building, so ASPIRE Academy is relocating the memorial. Some of our students will take it down, and we are temporarily storing it until we can reestablish it either at a spot nearby its current location or at the Western Nevada College Buckeye campus where ASPIRE Academy holds classes. Our goal is to let everyone in our community know about this change.

This year, ASPIRE’s whole school service is our “Compassion for Cancer Campaign.” We have supported seven families so far that have a family member who has cancer and is striving every day to get better. Our students and school family write cards and make posters of encouragement, put together and deliver gift baskets, and let these families know that they are not alone and that they are supported during their time of challenge. This kind of service is what ASPIRE Academy has gratefully done in the past and will continue to do.

Marty Swisher

Principal of ASPIRE Academy High School

Don’t use public money for center


The media has repeatedly misunderstood and thus misrepresented my position on the much discussed Event Center planned for the South Shore area by The Tahoe-Douglas Visitors Authority. Basically they have said I am against the project. Articles, in several newspapers, in the area, have written the same thing without ever interviewing me to get the facts correct on my position.

I am not against the Event Center project. What I am against is the proposed method of financing through the use of a Redevelopment Agency using property tax revenue that belongs to the County of Douglas. Taxpayers, of this County, have far more important needs on which such revenue should be spent.

This project is touted as benefiting the casinos at The Lake which is fine. Take Harrah’s and Harvey’s for example which are owned by Caesars Entertainment, a publicly traded NYSE corporation stock symbol CZR. Two of the primary shareholders are billionaires many times over. Each of these guys could write a check tomorrow morning to cover the cost of the Event Center project.

Those who run around breathlessly touting the Event Center need to understand it should not be underwritten with public funds. That is called “crony capitalism” in its purest form. The Lake casinos will be the direct beneficiaries of this project and it will enhance their stock value.

Douglas County is in desperate straights to build a new judicial center. Every government office is crammed to over capacity and scattered in buildings around the county. The property tax funds now being generated in RDA #2 are desperately needed for the overwhelmed infrastructure in our county.

Caesar’s Entertainment is an entertainment company and professionally runs entertainment venues. Douglas County is not an entertainment company it runs a government.

John Engels

Chambers Field

Be respectful in neighborhoods


Well, here we go again. Spring is here and Summer not far away in the Gardnerville Ranchos. The warmer weather with no snow on the road is generally my most irritating time of year. It brings forth all manner of the off road hordes on dirt bikes, quads and off road vehicles not registered or legal to be on our city streets. Nevada vehicle code deems them unsafe on our streets and they are illegal to drive on them. Law enforcement may impound illegal unregistered vehicles driven on public streets and cite operators. All streets in the Ranchos are public roads. OK, that’s the law. The persons doing this, and there are many, have no respect for the law, their neighbors or the bad image they create of the Gardnerville Ranchos through their thoughtless actions. Homeowners know what I am relating to. The second problem, is the most important part, they ride and drive at more than double the legal speed limits in our neighborhood, they are ear splitting loud, they go around and around the neighborhood like it’s their personal race track and many are juveniles who demonstrate they know nothing of traffic laws. If you’re legally driving down our neighborhood public streets and one of these maniacs comes flying at you around a blind curve, good luck. It’s happened to me.

In the not too distant past, the ‘Ranchos’ had an undeserved reputation and image as a less than desirable place to live. This was due in part to economic circumstances. This I believe has changed recently to the betterment of all. At least the economic conditions. What hasn’t changed is the disrespect displayed by a few who live among us. For the most part trouble makers come and go frequently as that is the way they chose to live.

For the rest of us, we mostly bide our time until they leave. But I take exception to the continual assault on my peace and quite in my Ranchos neighborhood by law breakers. I retired and chose to live here and I want to live in peace. Why do I have to leave? Last summer was hell on wheels in my neighborhood and I expect this summer will be worse.

Douglas County Sheriffs Office has been unable to deal with the problem for many years. I’ve lived here over 10 years and it continues to get worse. I ask the DCSO to please help us by enforcing the laws, keep our streets safe and keep the peace.

I would also like to see some action among the homeowners within the Ranchos who would like to live in peace and not see their property and neighborhood continually run down by these inconsiderate persons.

Cal Fitzgerald

Gardnerville Ranchos

Editor’s Note: The R-C is rerunning this letter due to an error.

Can’t see the night for the lights


Moving to town a few years ago, I knew it was going to be almost impossible to see a star-filled night sky. The Gardnerville and Minden light pollution glowing in the night sky can be seen from Lyon County! I miss seeing the stars and the Milky Way.

Excessive commercial, street and residential exterior lighting are causing the night skies to fade away. Most of that lighting is in violation of Douglas County Code 20.703.170

Lighting Standards:

A. Exterior lighting must be deflected away from all adjacent properties, public streets and public right of way.

Any light source must incorporate a cut off shield to prevent the light source from being directly visible from areas off site. Exterior light sources must be directed downward to avoid sky lighting.

Ninty-nine percent of exterior lighting isn’t designed, it just happens.

Unshielded porch lights left on all night might create a sense of security for the homeowner but unless it is designed properly that light creates glare or excessive brightness which constricts the pupil reducing the amount of light entering the eye. In dark or dim light, the pupil dilates to allow more light into the eye to improve vision to see a person “hiding in the shadows.” Unshielded light can be seen for miles away and will “trespass” into places where it isn’t intended, wanted or needed like neighbors bedroom windows for example. A little awareness by individuals will go a long way to restore our fading night skies.

Cathryn Kotler