Law enforcement on lookout for distracted drivers |

Law enforcement on lookout for distracted drivers

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office will be working with Lyon County Sheriff’s office and Nevada Highway Patrol beginning Jan. 19-30 to focus on distracted drivers.

“I am especially concerned about our youth in our community because the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that 10 percent of driver’s between the age of 15-19 years, who were involved in a fatal accident, were reported to be involved in distracted driving,” Sheriff Ron Pierini said. “Distracted driving is 100 percent preventable, but we need the public’s cooperation.”

Distracted driving is anything that takes our attention away from focusing on driving. Texting, one form of distracted driving, requires visual, manual and cognitive abilities; those abilities take away from focusing on driving, Sheriff’s spokeswoman Sgt. Bernadette Smith said.