Knowing the truth |

Knowing the truth


Jerry Sullivan’s rant against Republicans and “Tea Party groups”, posted in the May 31 Courier, is typical of the mind-set of left wing liberal extremists.

He professes to have great knowledge of Republicans while completely ignoring the mess Democrats and the Obama Administration have created for all Americans.

Because Mr. Sullivan clearly is in love with President Obama, I assume that he must subscribe to the president’s ideology, policies, and mode of operation. He demonstrates this by following the president’s first rule and that is to trash and personally attack any group or person who disagrees with his policies.

Mr. Sullivan demonstrates that he has learned this lesson well. I suppose Mr. Sullivan also supports the use of the “class warfare” and “race card” strategies, perfected by Obama and the Democratic Party, to punish and trash opponents.

Frankly, I’m tired of liberals who profess to know what is “best” for everyone and are willing to destroy this great country in order to remain in power and cram their policies down our throats (ie. Obama Care). I’m also tired of the corruption, fraud, intimidation, divisiveness, and downright lying used by the Democratic Party and Obama Administration in attempting to impose their twisted ideology on all Americans.

Finally, Mr. Sullivan, thank God that we have Fox News to keep us informed of the truth.

If we had to depend on the likes of the liberal media, Ed Schultz, Chris Matthews, Bill Maher, and Brian Williams for factual news, we would be in a bigger mess than we already are.

Gary Thompson