Knowing how to handle a gun important |

Knowing how to handle a gun important

by Anita Kornoff

During the tragic serial murders in Gardnerville and Reno last January many people were understandably frightened. Some reacted by getting guns for personal safety, some were purchased while others were given to them by well-meaning friends or relatives. However, simply possessing a firearm does not guarantee your safety and may actually create more of danger to you without proper training. Statistics show that a large number of emergency room visits due to firearms injuries were accidental, a result of lack of education and proper training.

If you are a person who chooses to keep a firearm for self-protection it is imperative that you learn how to handle it properly. Even if you already own a gun and haven’t used it in a while it is always a good idea to go to a shooting range and practice and back sure your gun is cleaned. Every gun owner should learn the skills and the mindset necessary to safely and responsibly own and/or enjoy firearms.

Fortunately, Douglas County has resources for professional training in gun safety. One such company is Integritas Firearms Education & Training. The company is owned and operated by Amber and Alex Carrillo. Amber is the founder and primary instructor. She is an advocate for firearms education, certified, and specializes in training women and children.

Alex Carrillo is co-owner and Integritas’ Training Coordinator, specializing in military and police tactics. Alex spent more than 27-years serving his country as a United States Marines. There he trained and advised military and civilian police forces including Law Enforcement SWAT personnel in the United States, Colombia, Iraq, Afghanistan, and other countries.

Integritas offers many classes from basic to advance, from Firearms Foundation to Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW) and renewal training that fulfills requirements for Nevada CCW and Alpine, El Dorado, and Mono counties in California. After traveling the world with the military and experiencing life in different areas, the Carrillos chose to build their business here in Douglas County.

“The people in this area love their country, their freedom, and their community. We felt that coming here to build our company and share our expertise would be a great opportunity for us and those whose lives we touch,” says Amber Carrillo the founder of Integritas. “We also facilitate a local chapter of International Defensive Pistol Association IDPA and a local chapter of ‘A Girl and A Gun’,” she continued. “Both groups meet on a regular basis creating a close community of like-minded individuals enjoying recreation and quality practice of life-saving skills.”

For more information on all of their classes and events call 576-4224, email or visit their website

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