Kingsbury trick roll robbery leads to felony charges |

Kingsbury trick roll robbery leads to felony charges

A Kingsbury man who arranged to pay for sex over the Internet was robbed at his home during what he’d hoped was a hook-up with two women.

According to court documents, the man connected with a woman on the Sugar Daddy group of and agreed on a $500 price.

She told him she was bringing a friend and he offered another $100 for her.

When the women arrived on Aug. 6, he took one into the other room while her friend said she forgot something in the car.

While in the bedroom the woman told him she had a surprise for him, which turned out to be two armed masked men.

Saphire Rasmussen and Justyce Fasano are facing felony charges in connection with the robbery.

Both women are 18-year-old Fallon residents. They were arrested Sunday morning at the Gardnerville Walmart on a warrant out of Tahoe Township Justice Court on a charge of principal to robbery.

The identities of the masked men have not yet been revealed.

While legal in some Nevada jurisdictions, prostitution is against the law in Douglas County. Prostitution is illegal across the state outside of permitted brothels.