Kingsbury chase suspect tells judge he shot at deputies |

Kingsbury chase suspect tells judge he shot at deputies

Stefon Demar Jefferson is in Douglas County custody. Douglas County Sheriff’s Office photo


An Oakland man will be held on $1 million cash bail after he admitted shooting at deputies during an arraignment on multiple felony charges in East Fork Justice Court on Monday.

Stefon Jefferson, 43, was arrested Friday night after deputies chased him through Stateline and over Kingsbury Grade.

Jefferson exchanged gunfire with deputies, receiving a minor gunshot wound while hitting a sheriff’s sergeant in the hand.

The sergeant underwent surgery and received a police escort home on Saturday afternoon. Neither the sergeant’s nor the deputies’ identities have been released.

“I want to apologize to all the people involved in the fiasco involving me,” Jefferson said. “I didn’t mean to hurt him.”

Prosecutor Ric Casper said Jefferson was an extreme danger to the community, saying he is a suspect in three Bay Area shooting deaths.

East Fork Justice of the Peace Cassandra Jones set bail at $1 million, saying that if she could deny him bail under the law, she would.

Jefferson told Jones he would represent himself, at one point yelling at the judge.

He also refused to waive his right to a speedy trial.

“I don’t want an attorney, I want a speedy trial ASAP,” he said.

After questioning Jefferson about his potential ability to represent himself, she appointed attorney Kris Brown to represent him.

Casper said he wasn’t aware if San Francisco or Oakland authorities had placed a hold on Jefferson in those cases.

Jones set a May 1 hearing where Jefferson would appear with Brown and would set a preliminary hearing date then.

Because he didn’t waive time, Jefferson is entitled to a preliminary hearing within 15 days. If he’s bound over to district court, he would get a trial within 60 days within the boundaries of the court’s calendar.

Jefferson’s black Toyota was spotted by South Lake Tahoe police at about 9:45 p.m. Friday. Douglas County deputies took up the chase in Stateline with South Lake Tahoe police backing them up.

The chase went up Kingsbury Grade at speeds approaching 75 mph, Sheriff Dan Coverley said Saturday.

At one point three quarters of the way down the Valley side, deputies were able to stop Jefferson by bumping his vehicle.

Jefferson came out of the Toyota firing, and deputies returned fire. He then got back into the Toyota and continued down to the intersection of Kingsbury and Sierra Shadows Lane where he lost control of the Toyota in a turn and hit a pine tree.

Jefferson is facing multiple felonies in Douglas County, including attempted murder and assault on a peace officer with a deadly weapon.

Jones told him on Monday that the charges he faces could put him in prison in Nevada for the rest of his life.