Kids talk turkey; or, how to cook the big bird |

Kids talk turkey; or, how to cook the big bird

by Linda Monohan

It’s turkey time tomorrow. Have you got grandma’s old-fashioned recipe out that tells you how to cook the bird? If not, perhaps one of our local kids’ recipes will sound appetizing to you.

Six-year-old Joshua Gardner recently moved to Fish Springs. He knows how to cook a Thanksgiving turkey. He said, “You get a big, round turkey, about the size of a volleyball. Then you stuff it with mashed potatoes and gravy and cook it at one temperature for three seconds. And it’s real good.” Kyle McLauchlin also loves turkey. He said he will “stuff it with chickens and cook it hot and eat it with stir fry.”

Fourth-grader Jessica Kolbus said her dad plans to “butcher our great big tom turkey named ‘color.’ Then we’ll stuff him with rice and bacon and onions and cook him about two hours at 420 degrees.” Inventive Willy Morgan thought of a shortcut. “Instead of making stuffing, I’d just stuff it with newspapers.”

Six-year-old Jordan Hintze told me he’s excited for Thanksgiving and he wants a great big turkey, “one that’s higher than my knees. To go with it, he’ll have “Jell-O and stuffing and all kinds of candy and ice cream.” Eight-year-old Manuel Maldonado added, “We buy a real big turkey and a box with toasted bread in it that has a picture of a chicken on it. We put the turkey in a big pan with water around it and put it in the stove on a warm temperature for an hour. Then our family prays because we are thankful for all our food and everything we have in our life.” That’s what Thanksgiving is all about.

The kids continued to reflect on Thanksgiving. Ten-year-old Anna Gomes said she’s thankful for her parents and her Uncle Jesse and her Papa Don. Eleven-year-old Whitney Robison said, “I’m thankful that I have such a good family and a great and pretty easy life. I live in a really nice spot and have good animals – my horse, dogs, cats and fish.’

Third-grader Amber Friesen is “thankful for my daddy and my mommy and my Thanksgiving dinner,” and Garrett Wanket is happy and thankful he got to move into a new house. Jill Fisher said she’s thankful “for all my hyperactive but smart animals.”

Josh and Jacqueline Vogel voiced in unison, “We’re thankful for all our food and our animals and our family and our new friends.” Fifth-grader Johanna Goodeluinas said she appreciates living in Fish Springs “where I get to see lots of wildlife, like the wild horses and mountain lions and hawks and jackrabbits.”

Eight-year-old Jonica Hintze proclaimed, “I’m thankful for the Pilgrims coming here for the first Thanksgiving dinner and also for the Indians who helped the Pilgrims, because if they didn’t, the Pilgrims would have died. I’m also thankful to be free and live here, where we aren’t judged by our color or how we look.”

God bless all our wonderful children on this happy Thanksgiving Day.

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