Kids spend night at school |

Kids spend night at school

Staff reports

Whoever heard of kids who want to go to school at night – and stay all night?

At C. C. Meneley Elementary School, students in grades three and four went back to school last week for Friday Night Prime Time and did so willingly.

According to reading specialist Laura Parsons and student teacher Carly Kester, the students earned the right to spend the night at CCMES by completing a month’s worth of reading in the “Explore New Worlds with Books” reading incentive program.

Students read at least 15 times at 30 minutes per session in order to be able to attend.

Friday Night Prime Time features a variety of activities for kids as well as food, fun and sleeping in sleeping bags in the halls.

The activities are fun and a strong incentive for kids to read and be eligible to attend.

“The more the students spend time reading, the more they learn how enjoyable it can be,” said Parsons.

“We hope that this encourages them to read even more. Not only do they learn more about the world, but they also actually improve their own reading ability by learning more and more new words from context clues.”

Among the activities and teachers/staff members conducting them were:

n T-shirt fish and squid print-making, Carly Kester.

n Old-fashioned physical games, Chris Sanchez, Teri Adams and Ellen Lucas.

n Log cabin art of rolled newsprint, Gerdy Hayes and Jill Crandall.

n Games and brain exercises, Sheila Lindquist.

n Computer drawings, Vice Principal Brian Frazier.

n Creative drama, Sherrie Jackson and Linda Class.

n Native American stories and Star Dome discussions, Laura Parsons.

n Snacks and popsicles, Shelly Wondka.

n Book fair sales, Kelly Carlson and Jeanne Anderson.

Students said they enjoyed the event.

Amanda Jordan said she liked the drama, and Erin Schell said a favorite part was playing games. Kevin Jones liked the snacks and Tony Farkas enjoyed being with his friends. Patrick Eschelman summed it it by saying he like sleeping over at school and reading books.

Parents who helped were Vivian Rumpker, Pam Snider, Corie Farkas, Jennine Cunningham, Karen Cunningham, Carolyn Moore, Deanna Lopes, Sandra Wendel, Miles Eschelman, Linda Johnson, Rosalie Nardone, Danny Gross, Heather Herrera, Kim Russell, Barbara Clark, Kathie Jarboe, Patty Snyder, Lorraine Eschelman, Pete Shaw, Mrs. Allensworth, Tammy Brower, Gary Wittig, Patty Abele, Carole Romanowitz, Sue Bradshaw, Melanie Ewart, Coco McCue, Bruce Wise and Susie Forst.