Kids make ice cream at the library |

Kids make ice cream at the library

by Leslie Pearson

Children who participated in the READiscover Nevada program that was sponsored by the Douglas County Public Library were invited to join an ice cream party at the library last Wednesday.

Carol Rapacz, librarian and community program coordinator, has been involved with summer reading program for about nine years now.

“What better way to end the summer than with ice cream. It’s a nice reward for all the children who read over the summer,” said Rapacz. “Older kids have to read for 20 hours while the little ones have to sit down and read for 20 sessions. One session can be 10 or 15 minutes, as long as their attention span allows.”

The kids were able to make their own vanilla ice cream at the library and provide their own toppings. The library supplied the ingredients, and Raley’s chipped in with the half and half cream.

“I call them every year and ask if they can donate some half and half cream, and every year they say, ‘No problem,'” Rapacz said.