Jennie Stokes AVID volunteer for June |

Jennie Stokes AVID volunteer for June

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Active Volunteers in Douglas is a nonprofit group that promotes, maintains and supports volunteerism in Douglas County and provides avenues for recognition and encouragement of volunteers.

Avid volunteer for June, Jennie Stokes, Suicide Prevention Network, Partnership of Community Resources

How long have you lived in Douglas County?

11 years in July.

Town of residence

The beautiful Carson Valley, specifically Minden.

Where did you live before moving here to Douglas County?

I grew up in South Lake Tahoe.


I live with my mom and dad and have two amazing little brothers named Taylor and Brandon, as well as two sweet cats, Binks and Oliver.

Are you currently working?

I am a 2013 Douglas High graduate and going on to college in the fall.

How long have you been a volunteer?

I have been volunteering in the community since 2006, so about seven years.

Where do you currently volunteer?

I volunteer at the Suicide Prevention Network and the Partnership of Community Resources.

What are your duties?

I am the co-founder of Living Out Loud Teen Suicide Awareness/Prevention/Support Group as well as an intern every other day. I help plan and conduct activities for the teen group and assist Debbie Posnien, the director, in the presentations and trainings throughout the Valley and surrounding areas. Together we educate and speak openly about suicide and its warning signs.

How much time do you volunteer per month?

I volunteer about 28-30 hours a month at the Suicide Prevention Network and roughly 10-15 hours with the Partnership of Community Resources.

Why and how did you become a volunteer?

I started volunteering my seventh grade year at Carson Valley Middle School when I joined the Students Taking on Prevention group through the Partnership of Community Resources. I became a volunteer because I knew it was a good way to get involved in my community and make an impact on people. Two years after I started volunteering with STOP, I met Debbie Posnien and was driven to volunteer with her organization because of my own personal struggles with suicide, and because I felt passionate about this cause. So, from 2009 until now, I have been a solid volunteer at the Suicide Prevention Network. I am so pleased to work with a nonprofit organization, like the Suicide Prevention Network, because it is such a valuable organization to our community. I have personally seen the difference this organization has made, from my peers to the elderly.

Favorite aspects of volunteering?

My absolute favorite thing about volunteering is knowing that I have helped to make a difference in someone’s life, somewhere. I benefit greatly, as a youth, because I am getting work experience and learning things that I will use for the rest of my life.

What would you say to encourage others to volunteer?

Volunteering is a true gift. To be able to give is really to get. Through my years of volunteering, I have learned so much more than I would have otherwise.

There is no greater pleasure than to serve. In September every year we hold a Walk in Memory, Walk for Hope that welcomes all community members to walk in remembrance of their loved ones and those lost to suicide.

Not only do we walk in memory, but also walk to bring awareness. Suicide affects so many, and we need to come together, especially during this time, and help with this event.

This year, our event is Sept. 14.

Please come and support us.