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Jacks Valley Elementary School unveils school seal

It took two school years to complete, but Jacks Valley Elementary School unveiled its school seal recently.

The school flag was unveiled last year which influenced the seal, said Andrew Fromdahl, an English as a second language teacher.

The flag depicts an eagle — the school’s mascot, a sun with six rays representing each grade at the school and the blue peaks of the Sierra Nevada with the valleys of the three peaks forming a “J” and a “V” for Jacks Valley.

The design of the seal was the students’ idea, he said.

“We took the ideas from the flag and incorporated it into the seal and added some improvements and modifications,” said Fromdahl. “We wanted to reflect the whole school.”

Instead of one bird flying over the Sierra, there’s nine, signifying each grade at the elementary school from pre-school and kindergarten through sixth grade.

“Each eagle signifies the students’ academic growth from pre-K through high school,” said Fromdahl.

Fifth-grade history teacher Susan Harmon, an adviser on the committee, said the seal includes 1982 in Roman numerals, the year the school opened.

“It was cool to incorporate some history and to see what they had learned,” said Harmon.

Fromdahl spearheaded the project with a committee of 32 students, Harmon, school counselor Jackie Hostler and Fromdahl’s sister Bethany. Bethany added the final touches and computer designed the seal, said Fromdahl.

“We broke off into committees every year and allow the students to find ways to improve the school and get involved in the community,” he said.

Fromdahl said this year the committee made the seal and volunteered at the Douglas County animal shelter.

“It’s neat to see them be in charge and see what they can accomplish,” said Fromdahl.