Homeschooling in the summer |

Homeschooling in the summer

by Karen Brier

We started homeschooling in Atlanta. We loved the attention my husband could give our son and his progress. We were surprised by how much all our lives changed– no more mornings screaming to get out of the house on time. No more stressing and swearing as I crawled through Atlanta traffic to make late pickup from aftercare.

Too often we ate fast food, and we needed lawn service, house cleaning service and sometimes even laundry service to make it through the week. Now one of us is always with our son and I’m spoiled by my husband who shops and cooks and does the dishes and the laundry. And even though we worried about the loss in income, with less taxes to pay and no school tuition, we came out pretty even. That means for eight years we were working to pay taxes, hire someone else to raise our child and to take care of us. I guess we finally got smart.

We were happy that we could continue to homeschool after we moved out here.

My husband and son work hard, but they have a great time with the homeschool group we met when we were renting in Saratoga Springs at Johnson Lane. Now that we’re in Ruhenstroth, it’s a long way but they travel to Carson City, sometimes five times a week. Mondays, they attend classes with the FAITH Homeschoolers at Hilltop Church.

Different classes are offered in the fall and spring sessions. We’ve taken French, hands-on physics, Lego construction, and even purely social classes like classical playground games. Jacob has also attended the Institute for Excellence in Writing class taught by Beverly Vugteveen at Hilltop. In a smaller spinoff group, my husband has helped teach two classes, chemistry and civil war technology, which is such a lot of work – I don’t know how he does it.

During the summers, the Tahoe Homeschoolers have planned hikes on Monday which we like to attend. We still try to participate in the classes and group outings so our son can keep in touch with his new friends. But as summer marches along, we’ve realized how much we want to meet some families in Ruhenstroth with children Jacob’s age, 11. We’ve been so obsessed with getting the house remodeled and the garden and chickens started that we haven’t spent as much time meeting our neighbors as we want.

I remember growing up in the country – we rode off on our bikes every morning and played outside until supper time. That was one of our goals for moving here – so our son could have as much of that freedom as anyone can have in these crazy days. It would be great for him to make more friends in the neighborhood. It would be great to meet a neighbor his age with whom he could ride bikes, play ball or just hang out. Drop me an email if you are interested in coming over for a play date.

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