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Home invader receives 2-6 years in prison

A Carson City man convicted by a jury of a July 3 home invasion was sentenced to up to 2-6 years in prison on Tuesday.

Gary Allen Dillishaw, 20, was ordered to serve simultaneous prison sentences for home invasion and assault with a deadly weapon in connection with an Indian Hills break-in.

“Somebody needs to tell you ‘no,’” District Judge Tod Young told Dillishaw in sentencing him. “You can’t break into people’s homes at 3 a.m. with an axe.”

Dillishaw’s mother testified that she believed he was on methamphetamine when he broke into the home.

“I know my son was on drugs because he’s a good person,” she said. “I left him in jail because he needed to be away from drugs. I know it was the drugs talking.”

Young said attorney Ken Stover’s argument against sending Dillishaw to prison was one of the best he’d heard in a long time.

Stover said Dillishaw refused to allow him to say he was on methamphetamine at the time.

“Without drugs this would never have happened,” Stover said. “He is a redeeming individual that did something horrific. I don’t want to minimize what he did, but I also don’t want to minimize Gary Dillishaw.”

Prosecutor Matthew Johnson responded by playing a jail recording in which Dillishaw says he wasn’t in any sort of methamphetamine-induced psychosis and that he remembered every one of the days in the incident.

“If there hadn’t been a trial, you would think this case was about pharmaceutical companies, Mexico and black-out psychosis,” Johnson said. “He invaded the most sacred place where people always want to feel safe.”

Young pointed out that at 20, some of Dillishaw’s contemporaries are doing important things with their lives.

“There are people your age who are putting their lives in harm’s way for this country,” he said.

Dilishaw was given credit for 176 days time served in jail since his arrest.