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Hollywood hairstylist clips Gardnerville

After more than 30 years as a Hollywood hairstylist, Emmy-award winner Bunny Parker settled down at A La Carte Salon in Gardnerville recently.

Since the late 1970’s Parker has worked behind the scenes of “Armageddon,” “Crash,” “Jackal,” “Hidalgo,” “A River Runs Through It” and more. She’s worked with such stars as Robert Redford and Bruce Willis on several occasions, she said.

Parker said she was working at a salon in Santa Rosa, Calif., when a movie opportunity presented itself.

She auditioned for a part in the 1975 film “Smile” directed by Michael Ritchie and was cast as an extra with a small speaking part.

“I never thought about being behind the camera,” she said. “Everyone talks about being a movie star, but I’m kind of shy so the thought of being in front of the camera didn’t sound like me. That’s when I found my calling behind the scenes.”

She made friends with makeup artists and hairstylists, building a portfolio through beauty pageants, films such as the 1978 film “The Great Brain” starring Jimmy Osmond, some period films and mini series including historical and biblical stories.

“At that time there was a small window and everything had to be done by word of mouth,” said Parker. “We didn’t have social media where we can follow along with new films and get in touch like we can today.”

Parker said she took her portfolio and resume into Hollywood and straight up to the hair and makeup department of Universal Studios and said she wanted in the industry.

“So does every one of these, they told me holding up a stack of resumes,” said Parker. “I said, thank you very much, please remember me and handed them my portfolio.”

She went on to receive an Emmy-award for outstanding achievement in hairstyling for “Amazing Stories” in 1986 and was nominated in 1987 and 1988 for “Crime Story” and again in 2006 for “Mrs. Harris.” She has also received a Guild Award for best hair styling in 2004 for a television mini-series/movie of the week called “Normal.”

“Movie business is not like the salon business,” said Parker. “You have to know a little bit or rather a lot of everything and you have to be trusted,” said Parker. “It’s a ‘what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas’ kind of deal.”

Parker said she worked hand in hand with directors and the cast and crew on films. She had to break down a script and be ready for surprises.

“It’s a constant juggling of scripts, having everything ready and on hand, you never know what might come your way,” said Parker.” You don’t see behind the scenes, it has its perks and dangers.”

Now she’s settling down and taking clients at A La Carte Salon in Gardnerville.

Parker said the owner of A La Carte, Suzanne Carreau, is her daughter-in-law.

“She said ‘mom if you ever feel like picking up the comb again come on in,’ so they gave me this extra room they had and here I am, “ said Parker.

Parker accepts clients by appointment only.

She enjoys pin up styles and would provide hair styles for swing dances, car shows and pin up parties.

She specializes in period film styles and provides styling for weddings, proms and special occasions, haircuts and clipper-cuts.

To make an appointment call Bunny Parker, 530-262-1882. A La Carte is located at 1456 Highway 395 #A, Gardnerville.