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Historical Society inducts five Women in History

Sherry Smokey surrounded by her grandchildren on Saturday afternoon after being inducted as a Woman in HIstory by the Douglas County Historical Society.
Kurt Hildebrand

Women In History Honorees

Carol Lee Biaggi Aldax 2006

Donna Allgeier 2001

Ella Anderson 2000

Debra Jane Bacchi 2007

Ida May Baker 2010

Anna Norgaard Harris Behrman 2006

Roberta Bence 2000

Luetta Dressler Bergevin 2009

Eileen Bianchi 2001

Gorgonia Borda 2000

Worth Borda 2018

Grace D. Bower 2009

Mary Elizabeth ‘Liz’ Bricker 2002

Lois M. Schacht Brooks 2013

Bridget Brown 2000

Elisabeth M. Brown 2001

Mamie Mathiesen Brenton Brown 2016

Ellen Butler 2016

Deborah Haase Byers 2009

Barbara Galeppi Byington 2003

Francis Callahan 2000

Ellen Caywood 2015

Lucille Chain 2000

Rhoda Jacobsen Chichester 2003

Mary E. Cioffi 2013

Sue Coleman 2012

Dr. Eliza Cook 2002 and 2014

Betty Cordes 2019

Marie K. Cordes 2001

The Cordes Cousins 2011

Elizabeth Crouse 2000

Grace Melissa Dangberg 2002

Dat-So-La-Lee aka Louisa Kizer 2012

Sharon L. DeCarlo 2013

Sonia Cochran DeHart 2002

Susie Dick 2012

Linda Mae Draper-Hivert 2013

Anna Neddenriep Dressler 2002

Margaretta Park Dressler 2004

Sybil Larrouy Dunagan 2010

Elizabeth D. Ellis 2007

Mary Settelmeyer Fair 2019

Hope Falcke 2001

Ruth Felten 2015

Alice H. Fisher 2004

Clara Frank 2012

Frances Thomson Galeppi 2004

Vera Gesselman 2005

Shirley Claire Trimmer Giovacchini 2003

Freida Cordes Godecke 2000

Alice E. Hellwinkel Haase 2001

The Hags 2011

Lois Brooks Hailey 2005

Clara Hawkins 2010

Anna E. Heise 2002

Florence Heitman 2015

Martha Heitman 2015

Marlena Neddenriep Hellwinkel 2000

Augusta Dieckhoff Hellwinkel 2001

Josephine Anna Hellwinkel 2003

Virginia Henningsen 2000

Mary Raitt Henningsen 2003

Laurie Hickey 2000

Esther Hildebrand 2015

Joyce Hollister 2002

Olga May Judd Holmes 2004

Pamela Horton 2019

Theresa Smokey Jackson 2000

Betty M. Jacobsen 2002

Winona James 2001

Agnes Janssen 2018

Grace Jaunsaras 2004

Mattie F. Jepsen 2009

Charlotte Lovegrove Jepsen 2017

Elizabeth Johnson 2015

Anita Jones 2000

Beatrice Fettic Jones 2001

Lura Ida Jones 2006

E. Carol Judd 2005

Eloise Kettenberg 2016

Sarah Jane Tompkins Kinsey 2007

Virginia Kizer 2005

Alora Knight 2001

Jane Lehrman 2000

Eleanorann E. ‘E-Ann’Logan 2002

Catharina Bertha Cordes Lundergreen 2003

Mary McCulloch Mack 2003

Diane Malone 2000

Irene Haase Marshall 2003

Anne Martin 2014

JoAnn Smokey Martinez 2007

Nancy McDermid 2015

Leona Fillmore McDonald 2003

Cynthia K. ‘Cindy’McIntosh 2009

Roberta McConnell 2018

Maria Meyer-Kassel 2018

Elizabeth Miller 2000

Nevalyn Berrum Miller 2017

Nancy Miluck 2000

Linda Monahan 2001

Louisa Beatrice Mott 2005

Lena Neddenriep 2000

Dorothea Henrietta Alvina Neddenriep 2005

Dorcas Olds 2016

Ellie O’Toole 2000

Cherie Owen 2006

Marcella Oxoby 2005

Freida Sarman Pitts 2009

Paula M. Reed 2007

Linda Lucile Shaw Reid 2017

Carol Reid-Anderson 2001

Bille Jean Byrne Rightmire 2003

Jane Wehrman Rosenbrock 2002

Linda Sandstrom 2016

Ethel Cordes Schacht 2003

Juanita Schubert 2001

Dorothy Scossa 2000

Elzyette Knott (Harriet Willims) Selby 2017

Grace A. Settelmeyer 2003

Sue Smith 2009

Sherry Smokey 2019

Sallie Springmeyer 2000

Wilhelmine Springmeyer 2000

Dorothea Wennhold Springmeyer 2019

Suzanne J. ‘Suzy’ Stockdale 2002

Lois Storke 2001

Judy Sturgis 2004

Eliza Mott Taylor 2001

Dorothy Anne Atcheson Thran 2013

June Thran 2017

Annie Trimmer 2001

Sarah Trimmer 2001

Leola Anderson Tucker 2015

Lillian Virgin-Finnegan 2014

Maribeth Volk 2000

Anne Wennhold 2013

Kathy Chipman Wicker 2013

Alvina Bohlmann Wilslef 2016

Bird May Wilson 2014

Sarah Winnemucca 2012

Lois Wray 2018

Alma Henrietta Yparraguirre 2002

Surrounded by her grandchildren and holding a rose, Sherry Smokey was honored on Saturday for her efforts on behalf of the Washoe Tribe as a woman in history.

Smokey was one of five women inducted into the Women in History Remembrance project at the Carson Valley Museum & Cultural Center.

“We are proud of Sherry, the woman who led the way for Douglas County’s cultural understanding of the Washoe Tribe and who helped promote Washoe students’ access to higher education,” son Rollin Smokey said.

Smokey was best known for her development of Wa-Pai-Shone, which brought demonstrations of Washoe, Paiute and Shoshone culture to Douglas County schools every year.

“It was a cultural exchange program that encouraged students to talk to others about their culture,” Rollin Smokey said.

He said the naming of the new Gardnerville Ranchos middle school Pau-Wa-Lu, which is Washoe for people of the Valley, demonstrated the significance of his mother’s work.

The five women inducted on Saturday join the ranks of nearly 150, who have been celebrated since the program began in 2000.

Betty Cordes was a longtime volunteer with the Douglas County Historical Society and was instrumental in putting together the saloon exhibit at the Carson Valley Museum & Cultural Center, according to Linda Machean.

Daughter Lisa Cordes Filban said she now realized how lucky she and her siblings were to grow up on a ranch.

“It’s pretty interesting to grow up in a home where there is stuff upstairs that is generations old,” Fiband said. “My mom was such a creative woman. If there was a project you wanted to do or something you wanted to make, my mom would say I think we have one of those.”

Charlotte Settelmeyer Bass said her mother, Mary Settelmeyer Fair, taught her about being involved in the community.

She said Settelmeyer Fair, who arrived in Carson Valley as a teacher in 1937, was responsible for the longtime name of the Douglas High School Year “The Garminada.”

While no longer used at the high school, Bass said the name survives as a hamburger at the Overland.

“Mary’s passion was writing, she kept a journal and began taking evening classes from Robert Laxalt,” she said.

She wrote for the Historical Society newsletter for a decade and penned features for The Record-Courier, with a series focused on the history of the Settelmeyer clan.

Settelmeyer Fair received first place from the Nevada Press Association as a rural correspondent for her history column.

“She never backed down from a challenge,” Bass said.

In talking about her mother, Dorothea Wennhold Springmeyer, Dianne Callahan donned the hat her grandmother wore when she was pregnant.

A 1927 graduate of Douglas County High School, which is the building the museum occupies, Callahan said her mother walked two miles to Douglas High School. She was one of nine students who graduated that year.

Unable to bear children, she and her husband adopted Callahan and her brother Wayne, who grew up in one of Minden’s first homes.

“Mom took all of us on the last ride of the V&T, which was a real honor,” Callahan said.

As a member of Minden Fortnightly, Springmeyer helped organize fundraising to keep the CVIC Hall in repair.

“They had a dinner and a play where they roasted local people in the community,” she said.

An expert seamstress, Callahan said the dresses her mother made for her were better than those you could buy in a store.

“My brother and I were truly blessed to have her as our mom,” she said.

Smokey and permanent makeup specialist Pamela A. Horton were the only two honorees at Saturday’s ceremony.

Horton, who has been recognized with a lifetime membership in The Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals, thanked the Douglas County Historical Society for including her.

“To know these women,” she said of those she’s mentored over the years, “and see how they’ve grown and raised their families, it’s just really cool to see them become strong, independent women.”