Health and fires are both big issues |

Health and fires are both big issues

The fire near Bridgeport was not as big a problem as the many others that have been burning in the Western states. The people fighting it did a very good job and got it out in a reasonable time.

Unfortunately, the Walker Fire, burning west of Lee Vining is much larger and threatens many structures. As of Tuesday, it was 87 percent contained, and the agency in charge is hoping it will be contained by the end of this week. The really disgusting part is that it was human-caused. People have to be more careful and realize what their carelessness can do to others’ lives. If you have children, teach them about fire danger, and be a good example for them, wherever you are.


I just received a Public Health Bulletin from the Mono County Health Department giving us several health warnings due to the hazards present. They include:

Expect watery and itchy eyes, congestion, sore throat and cough. Those with any heart or lung disease, including asthma, the elderly, are very young, or are pregnant, can expect their symptoms to worsen. If you are in this group, avoid heavy exertion. Stay indoors with windows and doors shut tightly. If you have A/C, turn it on to re-circulate, or use ceiling or portable fans. Do not use swamp coolers, as they suck outdoor air into your home. Avoid frying foods, burning candles and using paints. Keep your medicine in good supply. Drink plenty of water. Masks will not filter out the small particles from the air. If you have symptoms, contact your healthcare provider right away.

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