Grubstake Dinner set for Alpine County |

Grubstake Dinner set for Alpine County

Staff reports

On Sunday, Aug. 15, from noon to 3 p.m., the Historical Society of Alpine County will host a Grubstake Dinner to benefit the Alpine County Museum and to honor the county’s pioneer families.

Grubstake is defined in Webster’s Dictionary as-“Supplies or funds advanced to a mining prospector or a person beginning a business in return for a promised share of the profits.” The museum certainly can be designated as a “a mine of preserved historical information.” The promised share of the profits happens with the satisfaction of helping to ensure that the collection of historical documents and artifacts will be available for future generations.

On top of the hill overlooking the rooftops of Markleeville, the historical complex includes the museum, schoolhouse, outhouse, old jail and carriage shed, plus rustic picnic tables for the use of the public. For the Grubstake Dinner, additional tables will be provided, along with canopies to provide shade for contemporary prospectors.

For the cost of $10 per adult and $5 per child under the age of 12, there will be bowls of stew, baskets of bread, buckets of fruit, pots of dessert and plenty of drinks.

For further information, call Historical Society President Ruggero Gigli, (530) 694-2253.