Grubstake Dinner set for Alpine County Historical Complex Sunday |

Grubstake Dinner set for Alpine County Historical Complex Sunday

Staff reports

Reviving a popular fund-raising event for the Alpine County Museum that was staged six years ago, the Historical Society of Alpine county will host the Grubstake Dinner at the historical complex in Markleeville, Calif., on Sunday afternoon, Aug. 15, from noon to 3 p.m., during Pioneer Family Weekend.

Museum director Dick Edwards promises, “Pioneer Family Weekend will bring members of Alpine County’s founding families together to re-acquaint old friendships, make new friends and participate with community members in the Grubstake Dinner.”

Rustic picnic tables will provide outdoor seating for contemporary “grubstakers,” who not only will be eating miners’ stew, but by donating $10 for adult’s and $5 for children’s tickets, will be providing additional funding for the museum.

More than 100 years ago, when miners were swarming over the Sierra Nevada and towns that are no longer towns were springing up, many of the prospectors needed extra money to keep on mining, and “grubstakers” came to their rescue. “History repeats itself,” as the saying goes, and just as miners needed additional funding, so do museums.

Historical society president and Italian chef Ruggero Gigli will cook the hearty miners’ stew over flame, and vice president Leonard Turnbeaugh, with Gary Coyan and Forrest Robinson, will not only ladle out the stew, but also issue sourdough bread for sopping. Kegs of beer and buckets of lemonade will be provided for thirsty guests, along with succulent fruit. For dessert, old-fashioned apple crisp will be baked by Wanda Coyan.

Tickets are on sale at the Alpine County Museum, the Alpine County Chamber of Commerce or may be purchased at the door. For further information, call Villa Gigli, (530) 694-2253, or the Alpine County Museum, (530) 694-2317.