Grand jury response finished |

Grand jury response finished

by Joyce DeVore

A few months ago, the Alpine County Grand Jury report was published. The departments and individuals investigated by the grand jury have responded in a formal document. 

The public may have a copy of the responses by going to Alpine County Courthouse and asking a court clerk for the document. 

The responses by the county, representing the Department of Public Works, address each finding. For example, the county response may be “will not be implemented,” followed by a narrative or explanation such as “The county is currently facing fiscal constraints. The county is prohibited from housing county operations at Turtle Rock Park due to a restricted use patent that exists.” 

In another finding regarding bidding for jobs, the county “Partially agree(s),” and explains that “Formal competitive bidding is not required for projects of less than $100,000.”

Other responses indicate that the finding has been implemented, such as the “Bear Valley Parents Group is properly licensed and has all permits.”

Two county supervisors hold informal meetings once a month on Saturday mornings to talk to residents about what’s going on.

In District 5, which is the Woodfords area, Tom Sweeney holds a meeting on the second Saturday of each month. The meetings are held at the Early Learning Center, room 1, at 9 a.m. Last month, Undersheriff Rob Levy brought the newly purchased mobile command center for public inspection.

“The meeting was very good,” Alpine resident Carol Morgan said. “Rob Levy was proud of the high-tech command center and allowed us to take a tour of it. Levy explained that not very many rural counties have such a state-of-the art piece of equipment. He also brought doughnuts, which added to the fun.”

The meetings are well attended, and neighbors have the opportunity to share interests and concerns. Thanks to Sweeney’s wife for providing coffee and pastries at the meetings.

The regular meeting for District 5 will be held on Saturday due to a scheduling conflict. 

“The new Alpine County Dail-a-Ride Van will be on site for everyone to see after the November meeting,” Sweeney said. “The monthly meetings will return to the second Saturday in December.”

In District 1, Supervisor Don Jardine has a monthly meeting at 9:30 a.m. on the second Saturday of each month in the Administration Building.

“Don gives us a well-rounded informative update regarding what the Board of Supervisors and/or the county has done since the last meeting,” constituent Kris Hartnett said. “There are updates on special projects, for example the county is working on getting broadband service to Markleeville.”

The public is welcome to attend either or both meetings. The supervisors appreciate having the questions e-mailed to them in advance to allow research time.

For more information, contact Sweeney at and Jardine at