GES students honor Veterans |

GES students honor Veterans

Riley Houston (foreground) holds a flag with the rest of his 5th grade classmates in Dana Rosingus' class Thursday during the Veterans Day assembley at Gardnerville Elementary.
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Approximately 500 students stood in assembly and sang “Proud to be an American” with enthusiasm and appreciation for the men and women who stood before them at the Veterans Day ceremony Thursday at Gardnerville Elementary School.

Fifth-grade teacher Robbi Jacobsen led the assembly with words of passion and appreciation for the men and women who have served in the United States military.

“Veterans Day is a time to reflect, remember and honor those who have served,” said Jacobsen.

Men and women of the Marines, Army, Navy, Air force, and Coast Guard were honored along with Blue Star Mothers, who are military wives and mothers and their sacrifices.

A story was read during the ceremony about a child whose class was given an assignment for Veterans Day, to describe what patriotism means. Caleb, the main character of the story didn’t know what to make for his project. He watched his classmates come up with ideas after idea; the Liberty Bell, the Statue of Liberty, fireworks and sparklers, but he couldn’t think of anything that represented what patriotism meant to him. All he had to share, was a picture of his father, a soldier of the Military.

“Patriotism means going away from your family and making sacrifices,” described Caleb. “My dad taught me to love my country, my dad is patriotism.”

In response to the story Jacobsen said that it is not just the Veterans in attendance that should be recognized, honored and thanked, but those who are still fighting or who have fought and died in service.

“There are a few empty chairs up here for those who wish they could have been here, who wanted to be here,” said Jacobsen. “But they are not because they are still out there serving us and sacrificing for us. Let’s give a quiet thank you to those who can not be here with us today.”

Fifth-grader Payge Fuller said, “It’s important to honor the Veterans because they have given so much for us, and I think we should give something back.”

Many students agreed with Fuller and thought it was important to honor veterans for their service and sacrifices to make American lives greater.

A part of a poem recited by Jacobsen’s 5th grade class sums up the importance of Veterans Day.

“Flags today in tribute wave for those loyal ones who gave their youth, their hope, their might for a cause they knew was right,”

Fifth-graders Madison Patton and John Covrrubias presented a history on what Veterans Day is and how it came about.

It began Nov. 11, 1918 as the end of WWI. In years to follow it became known as a special day and by 1954 it was recognized as Veterans Day, a day to appreciate veterans of all American Wars.

Today we observe Nov. 11 as a day to honor all those who are serving or have served in the military.

“We in Gardnerville, We in Nevada and we in the United States, thank you for your service,” said Jacobsen.