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Genoa’s Hanging Tree

The Hanging Tree is located on Genoa Lane
Judy Wickwire/Special to The R-C

Here’s some local history that attracts continual interest. The information is shared by Karen and Rick Dustman of Clairitage Press. You may have heard the tale about Adam Uber’s famous curse — uttered just before his hanging by a Genoa mob. But did you know the hanging tree is still there? It sits on the south side of Genoa Lane, just east of Genoa (and a convenient distance from the old-time jail).

The year was 1897, and the crime began with Uber swilling Red Eye — and ended with a gunshot. Hans Anderson was dead and Uber didn’t even remember what happened when he finally sobered up in the Genoa Jail. Anderson had been well-liked; Uber had not and a group of locals decided swift justice was the finest flavor. They rushed the jail, demanded the jailer’s key, and whisked Uber off for a hasty meeting with the hangman’s rope.

However, Uber got off a few choice last words before dropping into the Great Hereafter: he cursed those who did the foul deed “unto seven generations.” According to local legend, Uber’s curse ultimately came true. Some of the mob died sudden, violent deaths; some committed suicide; but all of them met an unhappy end. Family members, too, reportedly suffered.

They’re all gone now, of course; 1897 was a long time ago. But locals say Uber’s ghost can still be seen “hanging around” from time to time—either here at the tree, or at the old brick Courthouse which once held his cell. If you decide to pay a visit to the scene of this long-ago murder, consider making a stop at the old Genoa Cemetery as well. Uber is buried there somewhere — in an unmarked grave. Happy History Hunting. For information see

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