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Local attorney running for justice of the peace

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Local attorney and Gardnerville Town Board member Cassandra Jones, 38, has announced that she will be running for East Fork Justice of the Peace in 2018.

“I am dedicated to ensuring the everyone — regardless of age, race, gender or disability — has equal access to and equal protection under the law,” she said.

The justice court handles cases that affect residents every day, including protection orders, evictions, small claims and civil matters, misdemeanors, and preliminary matters in felonies.

“I believe that the local Justice Court needs to remove barriers that hinder residents from asking for and getting the protection they need,” she said. “She believes the justice court needs online access to Court forms, disability access to the courtrooms, and a judge who can listen to and respond to victims.”

Justice Court plays a major role in sentencing drug and alcohol crimes because it handles all misdemeanor cases.

“The tone in my court room will be unmistakable: criminal sentencing will be clear and consistently enforced,” she said.

Jones has represented children in cases involving domestic violence, or as one of the founders of the Special Advocates for the Elderly Program.

Born and raised in Northern Nevada, Cassandra and her husband returned to Douglas County shortly after she finished law school.

“We are dedicated to raising their children in this community,” she said.

Jones serves as the vice chairwoman of the Gardnerville Town Board, and the board secretary for Austin’s House.

She has served as Judge Pro Tem, mediator, and arbitrator in numerous cases. In 2011, she established Heritage Law Group — where she practices as a private attorney. Her work and service was recently recognized by the Business Council of Douglas County who awarded her the 2017 Spotlight Award for best professional service provider.

She has written a column that has appeared in The Record-Courier’s Sunday edition for six years.

“My years of community service and years of experience in both the public and private sector demonstrate that I am someone who will fairly listen to all sides, get full information on the situation, and impartially apply the law,” she said.