Gallery exhibit highlights mining heritage |

Gallery exhibit highlights mining heritage

Leslie Pearson

The Carson Valley Historical Society Museum has a new exhibit in the changing gallery that showcases artifacts and equipment from several mining towns in Nevada.

Called “All that Glitters,” the exhibit includes small scale models of mining towns and equipment, panoramic photographs of mining towns and ore samples.

“Most of the artifacts are from the boom period in Nevada mining in the late 1920s,” said curator Cecile Brown.

There is also equipment displayed from the last part of the 19th century that was used in hard rock mining in California.

“We have a device cradle and a long tom that were equipment used in placer mining in California also,” said Brown. “Darlene and Harold Dils donated some equipment of their own for the exhibit. Darlene is a trustee of the historical society and she and her husband own a mine in California.”

The Dilses donated a dry washer which shoots air over the ore to get the dirt off and in order to collect it.

“There are some interesting lamps and a miner’s lunch pail that viewers may see, too,” said Brown.

Most of the equipment, photographs and models were loaned by the Nevada Historical Society in Reno, and the ore samples were loaned by the Mackey School of Mines at the University of Nevada, Reno.

Visitors can experience some hands-on interaction when they see the oak map case that contains drawers that visitors may open. The drawers are filled with original maps.

“There are gold mining maps and copies of mining certificates that visitors may look at,” said Brown. “Visitors may also buy original mining certificates and maps in the museums gift shop.”

“All that Glitters” runs until June.