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Future presidential candidate wins Talent Show

by Sarah Hauck
Alexxaz Torres painted a bald eagle upside-down and flipped it over when she was finished at the DHS talent show Friday.
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Another presidential candidate emerged Friday as sophomore Willard Franklin announced his campaign for the 2048 election.

With a promise to change the national anthem to “Call Me Maybe” and have Randy Savage serve as his vice president, Willard won the annual DHS Talent Show with his stand-up comedy.

“I imagined I’d be more shocked,” Willard said of his win. “It feels really good to win, though.”

For two weeks, Willard polished his routine that included life lessons like changing the currency to pocket lint, and that Kanye West and Leonardo DiCaprio were the only qualified individuals to run the country.

The talent show mashed two things from Willard’s life together into a winning combination.

“I’ve been doing stand-up since 8th grade,” he said. “I’ve always thought I had a sense of humor and I have always enjoyed performing in front of a crowd. Those two things just go together when it comes to stand-up. It feels great to win. I feel great about myself and I am going to have a great spring break now.”

Hosted by Douglas High School Leadership the competition included a Jazz fusion band, a cover of a Justin Bieber song, a monologue performance and a pair of speed painters.

Several of the musical performances prompted the use of cellphone flashlights as lighters.

“We try to do this every year,” Activities Director Karen Lamb said. “I am glad we were able to do it again this year. We have such talented kids.”

Brushing white paint onto a black canvas in what looked like a chaotic manner, Alexxaz Torres wowed the crowd with a speed painting of a bald eagle against an American flag backdrop.

Decked out in black suits and bow ties jazz fusion band “Resonance” members Colby Tracy, Daniel Tooker and Chad Singer chilled the crowd out before a panel of six faculty judges made their decision on the winner.

“There are such different kids in this group,” Lamb said. “It is really great that we give them a platform to show the school what they can do. We have such different talents. It is great to be able to get these kids some recognition for all of the hard work they put into their performances. Plus, this always gets us set off into Spring Break on a fun note.”

School will resume April 4.