Fly Casters re-elect board of directors |

Fly Casters re-elect board of directors

by Rosemarie Middendorf

The High Sierra Fly Casters recently held the group’s last meeting of the year at which the slate of officers for the board of directors was unanimously re-elected.

The following directors for 2001 are President Leigh Miller, Vice President Jim Norton, Recording Secretary Bob Taromina, Corresponding Secretary Gene Young and Treasurer Don Stockman.

Directors are George Uribe, Jerry Clark, Pam Reide, Jim Weishaupt, Susan Oakwood, Bob Macias, Mike Turnipseed, Gini Cummings and Rosemarie Middendorf.

Special advisors are Judy Warren, John Brainsteater, Larry Marchant, Marie Barry, Dan Kaffer, Mike Matuska, Gary Juengar and Chris Vasey. These are members of the community who are in positions that would be beneficial to the club regarding projects and habitat programs.

Vasey, who is employed by the Nevada Division of Wildlife, Western Region, Conservation Education, provided information relating to the program, “Trout in the Classroom.” Educational emphasis is being placed on the young angler for recruitment into the ranks of the life-time fisher. Technical and advanced fishing courses are being enhanced and developed to encourage established and experienced anglers to try new and different methods of fishing, locations for fishing and species to pursue.

With its fast-growing population, Nevada is faced with the challenge of getting its people involved in a positive way with wildlife. Their mission is to “connect people with wildlife” by increasing the number of anglers enjoying the Nevada fisheries.

The program consists of four basic areas, in-school programs for young students, technical and advanced clinics to promote fishing skills and interest, group programs for self-guided activities geared to an increase in skills, knowledge and a better understanding of fish, fishing and fish habitat. Any adult fisher person who would be interested in assisting in such a program may contact Vasey at 688-1500, ext. 1622.

The High Sierra Fly Casters, a non-profit organization, is a family-oriented group open to all ages of men, women and children. The club has two major objectives, to promote fly fishing and to encourage and support proper management of all fisheries in the Carson Valley area – whether the fishing is predominately with a fly or otherwise.

For information regarding the High Sierra Fly Casters, call Leigh Miller at 783-9434.