Fly Casters incubate brown trout eggs |

Fly Casters incubate brown trout eggs

by Rosemarie Middendorf

Last Saturday, the High Sierra Fly Casters became foster parents for some 50,000 brown trout eggs. The eggs were placed in an artificial incubator constructed from an old refrigerator. The eggs were delivered to the club by Pat Sollberger, biologist for the Nevada Division of Wildlife, and came from the state hatchery system.

Arnold and James Settelmeyer, owners of the ranch where the incubator was placed, provided both the land and water supply for the operation. Water must be constantly circulated over the eggs throughout the incubation period.

Jim Woods, a director of the club, constructed the incubator. This is the second time the incubator has been used. Last spring, it was used to successfully incubate cutthroat trout eggs.

The eggs will remain in the incubator for several months, the length depending on water temperatures. Once hatched, the fry (young fish) will be planted in a tributary of the East Carson River.

Volunteers who helped included President Gene Young, Immediate Past President Jack Kowalski, Mike Turnipseed, Don Stockman, Dave Stultz, Peter Bauer, Lee Miller, Dick Hubbard and Arnold and James Settelmeyer.

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