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High water

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Mottsville Lane is closed by high water,
J.T. Humphrey |

Mottsville Lane is typically the first Carson Valley route closed by spring runoff where it crosses the West Fork of the Carson River.

With a record wet winter, chances are it will also be the last closed this summer.

The West Fork of the Carson River crested at 13.63 feet on Wednesday night at Woodfords, a half foot short of minor flood stage. The National Weather Service has issued an advisory forecasting the river will near minor flood stage over Memorial Day weekend.

The historic crest of 15.36 feet was set in the flood of 1997.

Nearly 6 feet of snow remains at Carson Pass, at the top of the West Fork, down more than a foot over the last week.

The high temperature hit 66 degrees on Tuesday, according to Natural Resources Conservation Service snow telemetry.

The West Fork’s big brother crested 2:30 a.m. Wednesday at 12.72 feet. The East Fork’s flood stage where it enters Carson Valley is 13.4 feet, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. It crested at 16.13 feet on Jan. 8.

The snow pack dropped 17 inches at Ebbetts Pass, at the top of the East Fork. But with 94 inches still to go, there’s plenty of water still to melt off.

High temperatures in Carson Valley are expected to drop into the mid-70s for a few days after hitting 89 degrees on Tuesday.

Friday’s forecast calls for a high of 74 degrees in Minden.

On the other side of the front, the high is expected to climb back into the upper 80s over Memorial Day weekend.