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Flood watch issued for Carson River on Friday

Jobs Peak is reflected in water standing in a field off Genoa Lane on Thursday morning.
Kurt Hildebrand

top Minden marches

1. 1995 5.17 inches

2. 1975 3.46 inches

3. 1938 3.26 inches

4. 1943 3.18 inches

5. 1952 3.02 inches

6. 1998 3.01 inches

7. 1918 2.81 inches

8. 2018 2.66 inches

8. 1983 2.66 inches

9. 1991 2.64 inches

Source: National Weather Service

The really big garden hose commonly known as an atmospheric river is pointed at Western Nevada, according to the National Weather Service.

A flood watch goes into effect 5 p.m. Friday as a very warm, wet storm could bring gusty winds and heavy rains to Western Nevada through the weekend.

Forecasters are urging residents to clear drainages, ditches and drainpipes to help prevent flooding.

Snow levels are expected to start at 10,000 feet, with 2-4 inches of rain along the Sierra crest and 1-2 inches basin.

While less than an inch of rain is expected in Western Nevada valleys, there’s a possibility that small creeks and streams are expected to rise Friday night.

“Areas that experienced enhanced runoff or flooding or greater during the last storm a couple of weeks ago should plan on similar or greater impacts due to heavy rain and the expected contribution of the melting snowpack,” the forecast said.

The prospect of heavy rains this weekend prompted the Antelope Valley Lions Club to postpone their 18th annual Cow Pasture Golf Tournament a week to April 14, organizer Mike Katusich said.

On Monday, officials took one more trek to the top of Mount Rose to determine the status of the water year before irrigation season starts.

March 2018 will go into the record books as one of the top 10 wettest in Minden, tying for eighth with 1983 over the past 112 years.

While there will be comparisons with the Miracle March of 1991, the differences are substantial in context.

Miracle March saw 2.64 inches of precipitation in the Douglas County seat, only slightly less than this year.

But that came after four years of drought. Alpine County considered declaring Bear Valley and Kirkwood disaster areas due to a lack of snow.

The water year that started on Oct. 1 included the tail end of Minden’s wettest year on record with 20 inches of precipitation.

As of Monday, the Carson River Basin was at 87 percent snow water equivalent, according to Natural Resource Conservation Service snow telemetry.

Carson Pass was at 45 percent at the end of February. It was at 90 percent on Monday with 27 inches of moisture.

Ebbetts Pass at the top of the East Fork was at 101 percent with 33.2 inches of precipitation in the snowpack.

On Feb. 12, snow telemetry showed Ebbetts Pass was at 56 percent.