First grade students got to airport, railroad museum |

First grade students got to airport, railroad museum

Staff Reports

First grade students from C.C. Meneley Elementary School learned about different kinds of transportation recently.

Teachers Janet Canale, Susan Lacey, Noelle Menicucci and Ellen Rosenberg combined their four classes for a field trip to the Carson City Railroad Museum and to the Minden-Tahoe Airport.

The volunteers at the Carson City Railroad Museum were a wealth of knowledge concerning the history of the engines and the Virginia Truckee Railroad, reports Rosenberg.

“They taught the students how to pump a four-man handcart along a section of rail leading to the roundhouse. They also explained the work involved in restoring and preserving historical railroad cars,” she said.

At the Minden-Tahoe Airport, members of the Douglas County Composite Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol provided an introduction to aviation with several “hands-on” activities for the students.

The squadron’s Deputy Commander for cadets, 1st Lieutenant Keri Callison, took the students on a tour of the squadron headquarters building and gave them an introduction to search and rescue operations and to basic flight line signaling.

Squadron Commander Major John Martin taught the students about aircraft flight instruments as they sat in the pilot’s seat of a Civil Air Patrol corporate-owned airplane, a high-wing Cessna 182. To show the differences in a low-wing airplane, squadron Senior Member Jim Baushke gave the students a similar tour of his personal airplane, a Beechcraft Bonanza.

“Tony Sabino, owner/operator of Soar Minden, graciously removed a Grob 102 glider from rental service for the visiting first graders to view,” Rosenberg said.

Civil Air Patrol 1st Lieutenant Gary B. Swift, also a glider pilot, demonstrated the flight controls to each students who climbed into the single-seater’s cockpit. While they waited for a turn to sit in the Grob glider, the students practiced glider towing signals and procedures while wearing Cardboard “mockups” of a glider and a towplane. These “mockups” were designed and made by Lt. Swift.

AT the end of the field trip, the Civil Air Patrol provided popsicles to all of the students, teachers and parent chaperones.

“This was a great way to end an exciting day on a unit on transportation,” Rosenberg said.